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Leverage the power of Shopify, an enterprise e-commerce platform, to create scalable, next-generation, personalized, adaptive, future-driven, and conversion-oriented websites. With a unique Wix website, we can help you build tailored consumer shopping experiences, increase revenue, and sell anywhere.

As a leading Wix to Shopify migration partner, PROS provides result-oriented services to migrate Wix to Shopify. Our services are scalable, customized, and optimized according to your requirements. From theme customization to complex Shopify integrations and migrations, our expert Shopify developers deliver a seamless user experience on the website and boost conversions.

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Why should you Migrate Wix to Shopify?

Migrate Wix to Shopify to benefit your business in a variety of ways. It facilitates in the management of additional product stock, increased traffic, and offers a wide range of capabilities for product management and growth. PROS’s professional migration to Shopify services always offer what is necessary. When a merchant wants to grow into new areas or advertise his business more effectively on the internet, transferring his Wix store to Shopify becomes a reasonable investment.

Wix to Shopify Migration Services we offer


Migrate wix to Shopify with our migration experts, we discuss & evaluate the best strategies for migrating Wix store to Shopify with our clients, along with the project turnaround times.

Wix to Shopify Migration Services

With PROS, migrate Wix to Shopify and avail services that are robust, data-driven and consumer-centric. We cover all aspects, like Shopping cart migration services and transfer domain from Wix to Shopify.

Wix to Shopify Data Migration Services

As your preferred Shopify migration company, we migrate all customer, accounts, product, inventory, procedure and shipping related data to your new Shopify store.

Wix to Shopify Plus migration

Our Shopify Plus migration services help in increasing the traffic & conversions of the business with advanced features and functionalities. While store is oSEO optimized, it is easily discoverable in SERPs.

Custom Shopify Integration Service

Our custom Shopify integration services result in a competitive edge to your store with proven functionalities for managing shopping cart, customer service, social media, ERP, inventory, marketing and shipping.

Support and Maintenance

After we deliver your high performing Shopify store, we offer 24*7 support and maintenance services . You can contact us over email, chat or phone calls.

Benefits of Shopify Over Other Website Development Platforms?

Wix development services

Shopify is used by a large number of businesses is one of the best and most versatile website development platforms. Being such a robust platform, Shopify provides the following benefits, only a few of them are included below:

Easy To Use

Shopify has very few coding requirements, which makes using it very simple. In fact, the majority of users who made the switch to Shopify from other platforms say that Shopify’s ease of use was the motivating factor.

Upgraded Design Templates

Shopify offers an extensive collection of free design templates. These templates are a one-step solution for the majority of the major sectors because they address all of their requirements.

AI-based Website Design

Wix offers AI-based website design; all you have to do is choose a few essentials, and Wix will quickly create your website. You will be given access to an editor if you want to make any additional adjustments.

Robust customer support

Shopify, that was created to reduce workload, has a robust support system, and offers support videos as well, so if you run into trouble anywhere you can simply read the support recommendations to finish your task.

Great features

Install one of the many built-in Shopify applications to enhance your site’s functionality or add particular features. For instance, all you need to do is install the necessary apps whether you need a blog section, live chat feature, or site search capabilities.

What Data can be migrated from Wix to Shopify


Our migration to Shopify service will move all products on your Wix to Shopify store. This includes names, product, description with optimized images and SKUs.

Product Categories

When we migrate Wix site to Shopify, we also transfer all product categories including relevant information like structure, Meta title, Meta description and URLs.


After we take a backup of your Wix store, we move all the images over your store. We also optimize the images to make them SEO friendly.

CMS Pages

Our CMS migration services keep your store operational from the backend. We also migrate Meta titles, Meta descriptions and URLs and add additional CMS functionalities.


With our Shopify migration expertise, we transfer all customer names to Shopify, with billing/contact details, autofill information and buying or browsing history, emails, phone nos. ,etc.

Pricing/Inventory Rules

Our Shopify migration services include the migration of pricing information like discounted price, and inventory rules like maximum products allowed for purchase in a single transaction.

Customer Billing

We migrate all billing related information for the end customer during convert Wix to Shopify. This includes billing address, stored card numbers and preferred payment methods.

SEO Settings

Shopify is among the most SEO-friendly platform. We manually fill up the SEO parameters for all products and URLs, along with move domain from Wix to Shopify.


When we migrate Wix to Shopify, we migrate all manufacture related information including names, products, categories, admin pages, orders, selling history, etc.


We migrate all orders and related information along with our transfer Wix domain to Shopify services. This includes active, closed and archived orders and their status.


As your preferred Shopify migration agency, we migrate all product and website reviews and ratings to your Shopify store, including images, timestamp, comments over reviews, etc.


Migrate Wix to Shopify and all static website information, including blogs, images, formatting, about us page, blog URLs, contact us page, home page information, etc.

Why Choose PROS for Wix to Shopify Migration Services

Timely delivery

With PROS migrate Wix to Shopify and get robust services for on-time project delivery. We are mindful of the deadlines for our projects and deliver them on time. However, the only factor that affects delivery is how complicated the project is. We facilitate speedy loading through high-speed website optimization.


We give you the easiest-to-use website ever. The websites are simple to manage, and updating them is very simple. You are welcome to get in touch with us at any time with questions, and we will respond quickly. For your eCommerce store, our performance specialists can also optimize speed.


The professional team of Experienced developers at PROS are delighted to give you affordable Wix to Shopify migration services. Because our Wix to Shopify migration services are so affordable, clients favor our services.

Customizing option

Shopify is a platform that offers numerous opportunities for customization. You may quickly alter the appearance of your websites by changing the layout, graphics, animations, colors, and other elements. With the help of the platform, you may create and develop websites that reflect your interests or professional insights. Additionally, it is possible to make artistic templates.

Performance Analysis

With Shopify's tracking features, you may follow the development of your marketing campaign, and we'll make it possible to keep an eye on the traffic for it. Shopify has the possibility to implement custom tracking in addition to supporting Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. This will provide your website with a solid performance analysis.


With PROS Wix to Shopify migration services, we recognize that the security of your website is a crucial consideration. A great platform with tools for website security is Shopify. Using the tools we provide; PROS secures your websites. The websites created using Wix are HTTPS compliant and can perform better in search results.

Wix to Shopify Migration FAQs

You can entirely migrate your Wix online store to Shopify if you have your own domain name (bought outside of Wix). Actually, there are two ways to move your domain: transfer it to Shopify or connect it to your new account.

There are two methods for converting your Wix site to WordPress. You may import all of your posts fast using the RSS feed and then manually move your pages and photos, or you can utilize an automated migration plugin. Because it is absolutely free, some website owners may choose to employ the RSS feed approach for financial reasons.

Yes, Shopify charges transaction fees, however the amount varies depending on the pricing plan you select for your store. Shopify, for example, provides three pricing options: Shopify Basic costs $29 per month and includes 2.9% + 30 cents per online transaction. The basic Shopify package is $79 per month, with a 2.6% + 30% transaction fee.

Shopify is always a viable solution, regardless of the size of your company. Its scalability is one of the characteristics that contribute to user trust and reputation. The eCommerce platform offers maximum satisfaction even for huge stores, thanks to an astounding number of add-ons and integrated functions.

There are three main Shopify pricing plans to choose from. You have Basic Shopify at $29 per month, Shopify at $79 per month, and Advanced Shopify at $299 per month.

Wix Transaction Fees

You may be wondering, Does Wix charge transaction fees? While Wix charges the standard processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 of the sale for credit card payments, it does not currently charge any additional transaction fees

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