Magento SEO Tips and Best Practices For Ecommerce Websites

Magento SEO Tips and Best Practices For Ecommerce Websites

Search engine optimization factors are extremely important to understand as they govern the success of any business (small or large) online. SEO can be immensely beneficial for ecommerce websites to enhance visibility in search engines and drive targeted visitors. Considering the increasing competition, we have brought the latest Magento SEO tips that businesses should employ to optimize their ecommerce websites. Right from site speed to Magento extensions, here are 7 tips that you can use to get traffic, connect with the wider range of customers and expand your business quickly:

1. Increase Your Site Speed for Enhanced Results

It is vital to have a fast loading website because in this competitive age, if your website takes time in loading, then the customer will not take seconds to close it and switch to another.  If your website is slow, it can also be penalized with a low ranking in the SERPs. In order to increase the speed, you need to compress your files and images, continually delete unwanted website database, implement full page caching on your site, employ a CDN in order to easily distribute your content and most importantly use a credible server to host your ecommerce website.

2. Metadata Should Always be Relevant to the Page Content

It is important to fill the keywords and description of the page in the metadata of your content management system (CMS). Minimum 5 keywords that are appropriate to your business, as well as the page, are highly advisable to be added along with a comprehensive description of your page and your business. Search engines will utilize this data to ascertain how appropriate a customer’s search term is to your website/page.

3. Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Sitemap

Adding a sitemap lists all the URLs of a website. It helps webmasters to add additional information about each URL like when was it updated last time, how often it changes, and how significant it is in relation to other URLs in the website. This enables search engines to crawl the site more intelligently. Magento possesses an XML sitemap generator and all you require to do is to reach the System > Catalog > Google Sitemap and enable the default XML Sitemap.

4. Make Your Product Pages SEO-Friendly

It is a universally acknowledged fact that the central point of every ecommerce website is its products and it is very important to rightly design the pages that will be displaying those products. There are numerous websites with a poor quality of product pages and as a result, end up lagging behind in the competition. It is important to have product pages that have the right content, detailed product information in the Metadata section and a more search engine friendly URL.

5. Optimize Product Images for SEO

The majority of businesses tend to pay less attention to images in their SEO campaign. However, images play an important role as ecommerce stores have countless products that customers cannot physically see or feel. If you have good images of your product along with correct file names of images to describe them, the chances of a customer getting convinced to buy the product rise incredibly. Remember to use title and alt tags on your images, as this action will assist in providing spiders the page information.

Magento SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites- An Infographic

Infographic Source: Younify

6. Avoid Duplicate Content

Always go through the content on your website a number of times before publishing it because it is important to ascertain that there is no duplicate content on your website. You need to check the plagiarism of all the CMS pages as well as the product pages. It is also advisable to not have the identical content for different products, as this practice will provide the customers with a product description that is crafted individually.


7. Improve Search Engine Rankings with Magento SEO Extensions

You can make the most out of Magento SEO extensions in your SEO campaign for enhanced results.

In order to enhance the internal linking of your site, you can use Internal SEO Linking. Easy Social Media Links is right to build a robust site presence on all leading social media websites.

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