Magento Imagine Commerce 2016 Recap

6th Magento Imagine conference held in Wynn Hotel – Las Vegas, was super amazing. Over 2500 merchants, developers, partners and Magento ecommerce experts from around the world were part of this biggest event.  Magento Imagine 2016 conference wrapped up in Vegas on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Magento means a lot of diverse things for many people and they all met at Imagine 2016. Magento celebrated the creativity, variety and passion among thriving Magento global community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, intellectuals and inventors—from the trailblazing merchants who know the customer experience they want to create better than anyone, to the innovators and technologists who help them to achieve their goals. Magento made some important announcements about how Magento commerce brings innovations and supports this global community. Magic Johnson’s performance wowed the crowd followed by some fabulous parties.

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Here are the major key highlights of Magento Imagine Commerce 2016:

Magento News:

  • Magento 2 Momentum: 228,000 downloads of Community and Enterprise Edition, over 800 sites live, and 100+ Magento 2 Trained Partners
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1: The next release will include enhanced staging and preview, ElasticsSarch, and payments functionality
  • Magento Marketplace Launch: A better place for developers to show off their best work
  • Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Launch: New PaaS environment built to power innovative commerce experiences

Recognizing Excellence Across Magento Ecosystem:

Imagine is all about recognizing the best among partners, merchants and developers. Magento honored some of the incredible Magento Masters with awards, representing the 20 most active members of the Magento developer community.


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At Imagine 2016, trailblazers of commerce were the main topic to discuss. Magento privileged the winners of the 2016 Imagine Excellence Awards, recognizing the extraordinary creativity, innovation and success of merchants across the global Magento ecosystem. These trailblazing merchants who are winning the wild country of commerce with Magento inspire all.

Magento also disclosed the Inaugural Magento Trailblazer Award to recognize exceptional leaders in digital transformation, who set a bold vision, empower teams and marshal technology to chart the course to success of commerce. Global Omnichannel Solutions Leader for Nestle, Vandy Santos and the President of Watsco, Inc., A.J. Nahmad were the recipients of the Inaugural Trailblazer Award for B2C and B2B respectively.

Magic Johnson & Another Legendary Party:

Speaking of trailblazers, Magic Johnson spent his precious time in the audience, sharing his experience and future planning to entertain urban communities, and taking quite a few selfies. Later, it was time for the Legendary Imagine Evening Event at the Encore Beach Club.

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Community Events:

Imagine started up early with some epic community events:

#RoadToImagine: Four friends connected by Magento and a common enthusiasm share a 3,000-mile trek to rejoice the spirit of the journey, as well as the destination.

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