Landing Page Templates that Maximize Conversions

Landing Page Templates that Maximize Conversions

Landing pages are a call-to-action generally designed for a specific product or service. The best way to ensure that your website accomplishes its goal is to customize and optimize the landing page in a way that it is a good match to what your visitors are looking for. If you provide them with what they want in this way, you will have a captive audience. Be careful not to provide too many distractions in the form of links, or you are likely to lose them. With a landing page optimized this way, the conversion rate in your WordPress web design is likely to be significantly higher.



Getting traffic to your site is great, but for businesses that have been started around online leads or online customers, it is important to produce conversions from those visitors. Many marketers discuss two kinds of conversions:

  • Generating a lead (usually through taking a potential customer’s email address and thereby getting permission to email them your marketing materials in the future)
  • Generating a click-through to a page where the potential customer is closer to paying for a product or service.

A normal web page can contain a lot of text and pictures, and many links. It may serve to provide website visitors with diverse information about a complicated product and help him get to know the company he’s buying from. But in trying to accomplish so many goals, it may not accomplish any of them. A landing page features body copy, call-to-action text, and the way the user converts, whether that’s a sign-up form or the exact page he or she is supposed to be linked to after visiting the landing page, making it virtually essential for marketers to accomplish their goals with a customer.

To make sure your landing page comes out looking crisp and professional, it can greatly help to use a landing page template. Here are some of our top choices:





It is quick to realize as shown in the photo above that landing page is the fruit of a lot of labor. One might reasonably call it the ultimate theme for WordPress given the breadth and depth of its functionality and flexibility.

The Landing theme is dominated by full-screen media and a Parallax scrolling effect. The Landing theme is executed well, but it is nothing new in itself. Where it really shines is in its drag-and-drop layer builder combined with many landing page templates. Simply import the demo data, and replace it as you see fit with your own copy and media.


Approach Theme



Approach is an HTML lead gen landing page template that has the following features:

  • Available in 2 versions
  • Completely responsive design
  • Optional content preloader
  • Working PHP form
  • Parallax effect
  • Smooth scroll
  • Contains 350+ Font Awesome icons
  • 600+ Google Fonts for the Web
  • Contains First Demo and arrow element PSDs
  • Well-documented

Visceral Premium image

Visceral Premium:

Visceral is a template that features a MailChimp widget, quotes slideshow, social feeds, gallery, a menu on the subpages, a contact form, and a Google map.

Petrichor Landing Page Templage


Petrichor is a landing page template responsive on any device, anytime, and any browser; also, it is versatile.  It has a completely customizable front page that you can control on the admin side and see an instant side-by-side preview of changes and this side-by-side preview can be tested.

Petrichor includes the following:

  • 6 header backgrounds
  • 4 header types
  • 9 predefined color themes to get you started: Cyan, Pink, Blue, Brown, Purple, Red, Orange, Black, and Green
  • 30+ theme options
  • A list of short codes
  • Lightbox gallery
  • HTML5 valid
  • Powered by Twitter bootstrap
  • 4 header layouts including 3 with iPhone and 1 with video

If you make a decision later on that you no longer need your page to function as a landing page, then you can use the theme to expand into a full site with the following available, designed WP objects:

  • Full width page
  • Page with left sidebar
  • Page with right sidebar
  • Post with comments
  • Blog

Eduka Landing Page Template


The Eduka responsive HTML landing page template has the following features:

  • Twitter bootstrap that is responsive
  • Flex Slider
  • PrettyPhoto
  • Working contact form
  • Working subscription form
  • W3C valid
  • Contains PSD Files

Younic Landing Page Template

Younic Responsive Landing Page:

Younic responsive landing page that has the following features:

  • Color variations include red and gray
  • Responsive
  • Flex slider
  • PrettyPhoto
  • Twitter feed
  • Working contact form
  • W3C valid
  • Contains PSD Files

The Flow Landing Page Template

The Flow :

The Flow is a one page template for an app or software has the following features:

  • Responsive
  • Flex slider
  • PrettyPhoto
  • Parallax slider
  • Working contact form
  • Twitter feed
  • W3C valid
  • Contains PSD files

Landlr Landing Page Template


Landlr is completely responsive all-in-one landing page template by favthemes that has a bright, flat design.  The content is organized in wide bands that replace background colors and images for clarity.  Creating your landing page template is very simple even for beginners.  You must choose the type of content sections you want and then add your content.  When you add the sections you can drag and drop to change the order.

Kodax Landing Page Template


Kodax is a great landing screen theme that has the following features:

  • HD/ready retina
  • responsive design
  • Lightbox functionality to showcase your images,
  • Contains Photoshop PSD
  • Auto update checks and “One Click” theme updates
  • Fully tested in WordPress 4.1.

More website than a landing page, the theme contains a bevy of landing page templates including the following:

  • Full width
  • Price table
  • Content with sidebar
  • Team
  • Knowledge base
  • More landing page templates

Kodax contains gallery options so that you can easily use the theme as a portfolio or design studio side.  Built-in types of galleries include Flexslider, Isotope, Flexslider, lightbox, video, audio, and portfolio.  The customization options in the theme include 600+ Google fonts, 350+ Font Awesome icons, 23 custom shortcodes, five post formats, three blog styles and dark or light skins.  If you are an app developer, then you will love the seven high-resolution smart object slides that Kodax comes with.

Ensconce Landing Page Template


Ensconce is a unique landing page template that has the following features:

  • Full width page
  • Page with left sidebar
  • Page with right sidebar
  • Post with comments
  • Blog
  • Completely responsive on any device
  • HTML5 valid
  • Very easy to customize
  • Powered by Twitter Bootstrap
  • Client quotes rotator


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