A smart content marketing strategy means it is supported by a range of target keywords that your business wants to rank for. However, along with these key phrases, including trending search words into content marketing can significantly improve search engine optimization (SEO). It is easy to find trending keywords, but the challenge is utilizing their power without being distasteful. To avoid awkwardness and actually rank for significant trending searches in a genuine way, follow these guidelines.

Question Your Motives

If a news story (of national or international importance) breaks and immediately new keywords start trending, then the first thing you need to question is your motives which is the first step to utilizing the power of trending keywords while avoiding any marketing blunder. If your motive is to just use that current incident then you don’t have the best motives to include that incident to your content marketing.

It is not just about good SEO to rank for trending keywords. The way you use keyword becomes a link between what matters to both a brand and its consumers. Content marketing needs to be motivated primarily by your business values, not your bottom line.

Stop Pretending Nothing Is Going On

Don’t just read the news and continue with the business without any concern. That is all right if you don’t have anything substantial to add value to your audience. Conversely, the talk regarding authentic branding is intensifying, and consumers increasingly want to see companies react to significant happenings with clarity and compassion.

Businesses nowadays are believed to have better accountability to act on issues linked to their purpose. It’s okay to pay no heed to gossip when it comes to your marketing. But concerns like climate change, world health, and racism cannot be overlooked or your consumers might take your silence as your complicity.

Think Of Your Clients First

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Keep your customers at the center of your content marketing strategy even if you have to refocus your marketing but ensure to keep the needs of the customers first. This can be challenging in an environment where world events are forming new and diverse needs every day.

Audiences are changing their needs and preferences to new kinds of content and new methods of dealing with companies. Educational content is getting famous which is driving “how to” searches. Keep your client first by thinking of what your clients would want to know or hear to interact with your business, products, or services.

Don’t Provide Irrelevant Content

Whatever you share about the recent incidents should be related to your business in some way. Sharing something totally irrelevant or from nowhere may shock customers and followers resulting in resentment towards your brand. If you can’t relate your content to the requirements of your customers, then it’s probably irrelevant and should not be shared.

However, there’s always a genuine way to relate a recent incident to your company. You can even connect your business with distant trending topics by thinking of secondary trending searches linked to your industry or product.

Keep Your Content Marketing Value-Driven

Add value to your content even if you’re making a commentary or declaring a position or opinion. Create messages that will benefit readers or better their lives in some way. The value can lie in buying your service or product, but it can also be in the emotional connection conveyed to the reader. Reflect on what does value means to your clients at the moment and create value-driven content.

Never Abandon Your Content Marketing Strategy

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A smart content marketing strategy will offer the flexibility to adjust to unexpected world changes or significant happenings that need commenting on without leaving the actual plan. You can pivot on some things, or at least inform your audience about why they should check out your content.

You can explain to your customers why you will continue with the already-planned and why they will be getting the same content and deals. Stopping the use of all time popular keywords for trending ones can cause a drop in your total SEO.

Give company updates

Provide your clients with company updates regarding your first statement when you choose to use a trending topic in a blog, email, or any piece of content. This generates additional chances for using associated trending searches without keyword-stuffing your actual content. The audience will also realize that you keep your promises which forms customer–brand rapport.