How to Optimize Your Amazon Shopping Campaigns

Amazon is the world’s fasting growing online retailer and gives sellers an opportunity to establish an ecommerce store without a lot of investment cost. Over 30-40% of products advertised on Amazon are sold by third-party retailers, and it is a great platform to boost your online sales. So, if you’re looking to start your own business or have a unique item for sale, you can follow the below tips to make your product ready for selling and marketing on

Get Reviews

The trend of online reviews has become quite popular, and people normally review the feedback of other customers before purchasing an item. Getting good reviews will help you to sell your products online, and gain a higher profile ranking on Amazon and similar websites. Describe the product accurately and don’t leave any room for confusion or error, so you don’t end up disappointing a customer with a purchase they didn’t expect, and get a negative feedback or comment from them.

Give It Away For Free

If you can’t get enough reviews, sometimes giving away free items encourages people to try out the product, and can gain good recommendations. You can offer consumers a one off 99% discount code (Amazon won’t currently allow you to offer 100%). It might not be very beneficial at the start, and you might have to make a significant investment, but this strategy is bound to pay off in the long term. Also, sell competitively so consumers are not turned away by the price, and you can build up a quick fan base.

Add Professional Product Images/Graphics

It is crucial to have your product displayed in high quality images with a zoom-in option so that customers can have a feel for the real thing. Since consumers cannot experience the product before they actually receive it, it is very important to get the visual display correct and provide as much detail as possible in the images. Amazon provides guidelines and picture size, resolution and quality which can help you assess the requirements for capturing the right images for your merchandise.

Choose The Right Category

It is important to list your item in the right category, so customers can browse to the right option which leads straight to your product. If you place a baby’s chair in the gardening section, it is highly unlikely that the customer will ever find it or you’ll get any hits on your item. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right option, but matching your product with the closest category makes it more searchable and visible to the consumers and shoppers online.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use relevant keywords in your product description that are more commonly used and easily searchable by consumers. You can use Amazon’s Keyword Tool or Google’s Keyword Planner to help you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your product, and improve the chance of getting it seen by more customers. Creating a unique listing also attracts buyers, and gets their attention when shopping online. It is also important to select the right title for your product so that it can easily come up in search engines. Be sure to make the product sound more meaningful to the customer.

Get advertisements/Sponsors

You can get sponsors for your product, and get more attention through their advertisements. Amazon provides this feature on a free credit to get you started. If you’re starting a new business, then this approach might benefit you in gaining the necessary attention from the customers.


Infographic Source: Media-Mosaic 


Offering incredible deals or discounts is a perfect way to catch the attention of online shoppers. People are more likely to purchase items on sale than their usual price, and even a 10% discount might improve your sales by a significant margin.

Aim For The Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the key to increase your sales, and generate higher revenue for your online business. To compete for the Buy Box, you need to have certain pre-requisites such as a pro-seller account, stock availability and items in brand new condition. Old or used items cannot compete for the Buy Box win. Other variables such as shipping time, seller’s rating and fulfillment methods each contribute to your chances of winning the Buy Box. If you’re eligible as a Buy Box seller, you gain greater placement advantages for your listings, and the chances of selling your merchandise greatly improves.

Consider Shipping Costs

When offering a product, consider its shipping costs and whether you want to throw in a bargain and surprise your audience with a free shipping offer. Online consumers are more attracted to items that come with free shipping because it gives them the feeling that they are saving something. If you’re at the start of your business and want to reach out to more consumers, then free shipping is a nice way to lure in buyers, and get your product noticed. The fulfillment by Amazon option comes in handy, and can ship orders to customers for you. Also, giving customers an option to track their purchase is also a great way of generating favorability for your product and gaining an edge over your competitors. If you are a top rated seller with high conversion rates at, you may be eligible for Amazon Prime membership which offers you many benefits like free 2-day shipping everywhere in the United States and free same day delivery on qualifying orders in certain cities.

Be Prompt in Replies

Customers like to reach out to the vendor or a supplier for product information, delivery items and customization choices. It is important to remain active, and reply to customer inquiries quickly whenever you receive a message in your inbox. Slow or delayed responses are often a cause for negative feedback, and can put off consumers from choosing you as a retailer.After a purchase has been made, you can ask customer for their general feedback as well to improve your online rating.

Address Negative Feedback

If a customer makes a complaint, be sure to address their problem quickly and offer them a compensation for their trouble. It is important to gain positive feedback, but you should never ignore negative comments and reach out to the customer promptly to understand their problem, and provide a generous resolution. If you turn their negative experience into a positive one, they are sure to mention you in a positive word of mouth, and you might gain a higher recommendation from them for addressing their problem in an efficient manner.

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