How to Manage Your Online Business With BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce software company and offers a comprehensive SaaS solution. The company was launched in 2021 and now has over 600 employees with offices in Austin, Texas. Its key features include advanced search engine optimization, flexible customer groups, customized modules for application development, web hosting, and much more. If you are looking to expand your business, or if you want to start selling on the internet, you will do well by choosing BigCommerce. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for newbies to manage their stores while providing advanced features for merchants.

BigCommerce gives its customers many tools to make managing an online store easy. It is compatible with many popular shopping carts such as Jibber, Plundr, and Magento, and it includes various components that allow you to manage your store, including an online catalog that you can update frequently. You can set up a password protected area where orders are processed, a customer support line, and a shopping cart. There are also a lot of tools and features that you can use to promote your website and increase traffic to it: the ability to add links, videos, podcast, audio, and a secure payment gateway.

Many people who have used bigcommerce as their ecommerce solution haven’t found it difficult to set up their store. If you are going to be setting up an online store using the ecommerce software from shoplift, there are some important things that you should take into consideration before proceeding. One of the first things that you should do is to determine the total cost of running your store. Setting up a store with ecommerce software from shoplift will require some initial fee for the hosting and domain registration, but the other fees involved such as transaction fees will incur additional costs after the initial setup. Therefore, it is essential that you know how much you are going to spend before selecting the platform to use.

BigCommerce is a platform that can handle multiple sales channels and help you streamline your operations. BigCommerce also supports multiple currencies and integrates with popular payment gateways. Additionally, you can use BigCommerce to send email marketing campaigns. BigCommerce costs about $300 per month, but the price is worth it if you plan on running a profitable online business. Read on to learn more. This article will help you decide which platform is right for you.

Page builder

If you’re considering building an e-commerce site, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper tools in place to make sure that your website functions correctly. Luckily, BigCommerce makes managing eCommerce sites easy. You can take advantage of features like an Optimized One-Page Checkout to make the entire process as easy as possible. BigCommerce also has an extensive list of integrations for email marketing solutions. Despite the number of features available, BigCommerce is far simpler to use than WordPress. However, the way you design your store can make or break the customer’s experience. If you’re unsure how to design your storefront, consider BigCommerce’s Page Builder.

Once your website is created, you can customize your storefront pages with a variety of tools. You can even preview them before releasing them. BigCommerce also makes it easy to manage orders and inventory, including handling returns. It is also possible to use a WYSIWYG editor to create a storefront page. Aside from customizable storefront pages, BigCommerce also provides an app marketplace that lets you buy and sell themes and other products.

After you’ve set up your store, you can preview it before launching it. To do so, click on the “View Store” button in your dashboard. This will take you to a live version of your store where you can make changes and see what your audience experiences. After following these steps, you’re ready to launch your store. However, you will need to upgrade your trial to activate your store. You can do this by selecting the Upgrade Your Trial button on your home dashboard. After you upgrade, you can choose where your categories appear on your store’s homepage.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify offer customizable templates for stores. You can change the colors and other aspects of your store by using the themes offered by both systems. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. The two major differences are that BigCommerce offers more customization features and flexibility while Shopify allows you to customize your website with templates and colors. The BigCommerce platform also offers export to CSV and XML files.


SEO tools

SEO tools for managing your online business with Bigcommerce can help you achieve better search engine ranking. Search engine optimization is necessary for making your store more visible on the internet, so that it attracts relevant traffic. BigCommerce has SEO tools that cover all the necessary fields for an e-commerce store. By using these tools, you can increase visibility of your store, improve search engine rankings, and attract new consumers. To use BigCommerce for SEO, you will need to understand the various SEO tools that will help you maximize the success of your online store.

A number of BigCommerce features can make SEO easier. These tools are particularly useful for SEO professionals because they enable them to make changes to the website’s metadata and upload SEO-friendly content. BigCommerce’s limitations are few, and its support section is minimal, but SEO experts know how to work around them. BigCommerce can greatly amplify your on-page SEO efforts. BigCommerce also supports multiple platforms and offers a variety of advanced features.

The use of an SEO tool for BigCommerce can also help improve user experience. Having your website optimized for mobile devices is essential for converting visitors into customers. BigCommerce’s native integration of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allows it to load faster. SEO tools for BigCommerce include optimized URLs, microdata, content delivery network, 301 redirects, and URL rewrites.

Another benefit of BigCommerce is its extensive marketing features. Its built-in SEO tools, such as Google customer reviews, provide an excellent foundation for marketing campaigns. BigCommerce also allows you to sell your products directly on other platforms such as social media sites and digital marketplaces. The analytical tracking tools help you optimize your WooCommerce store performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. In addition to improving your SEO strategy, BigCommerce also helps you improve your store’s performance, and integrates with a variety of email marketing solutions.

Integration with email marketing apps

If you’re looking to improve your email marketing campaign, then you’ll want to integrate your marketing software with your e-commerce platform. MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and ActiveCampaign all include integrations with eCommerce platforms. Depending on your platform, you can automatically recommend marketing content based on customer activity, pull items from your store into email newsletters, and much more. You can also track and measure ROI to make sure your efforts are paying off.

Email marketing software is important to the success of your online business. Email marketing is most effective when targeted emails are sent to the right audience. Sending a coupon for dog food to cat owners is not a good way to generate revenue – in fact, it is likely to drive unsubscribes. In order to get the most out of email marketing, you need to segment your customer base. This requires a comprehensive customer database.


bigcommerce BEnefits

There are numerous benefits of using BigCommerce for your online business, from the simple and intuitive interface to the powerful reporting tools. No matter how complicated your online business is, BigCommerce is capable of handling it. Every plan comes with several key features, including customer, sales, finance, and marketing reports. Other benefits include advanced SEO and mobile user tools, a robust app library, and integration with third-party software.

BigCommerce pricing is based on the annual sales of your online store. This makes it easier to determine which plan is best for your needs. However, if you’re a small-scale business, you might only need a Basic plan and not need an advanced support team or an unlimited number of SKUs. If you’re a larger company, you might want to consider a paid Enterprise plan, which will come with dedicated SSL and an IP address, among other features. This plan can cost as much as $1,500 a month.

A number of other features and benefits of BigCommerce include its comprehensive payment processing capabilities. The platform supports more than sixty payment gateways, including PayPal and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This allows you to accept payments from your customers worldwide and in their preferred currency. Plus, you can offer financing options with BigCommerce and don’t have to worry about additional transaction fees. The platform is also PCI-certified and has enterprise grade network architecture.

However, there are drawbacks to BigCommerce as well. Despite the high cost of the enterprise-level plan, it has many features that make it worth the money. It’s also a bit more expensive than Shopify and Square Online, which are the most popular choices for small businesses and startups. BigCommerce is also more expensive than Square Online, which are two other popular options for small businesses.

Integration with outside software

Integrating your software with other platforms is very easy to do. There are two main methods of integration: native integration and third-party integration. Native integration means that you buy all your software from the same developer, thus ensuring that the two tools work seamlessly together. Third-party integration, on the other hand, requires the use of a third-party software developer, who will create digital tools to communicate with the software. There are different types of integrations, each of which will meet your needs.


If you want to use all these features of bigcommerce, then it would be better if you purchase an e-commerce software that offers customizable features. The best e-commerce software that offers customizable add-ons is the customize bigcommerce offer. It has many different themes that you can choose from. You can use these theme in order to customize your website and make it more appealing and professional. After you have tried the different features that are available in the customize bigcommerce, you will surely have a great store that attracts customers through its great design and attractive content management system.

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