How to Keep Your Readers on Your Blog Longer

Tactics to Improve Blog Readership

There are millions of bloggers out there who write meaningful blog posts every day. But only few rise up to be viral and get a large readership. What if you can follow some guidelines and increase traction and even bring back the readers? Yes, it is possible to keep your readers on your blog longer and even for minutes.

Follow these great tips and strategies to make your readers spend more time on your website, enjoying your valuable content:

1) Ask questions and respond to comments

While you are writing a post, make sure you end it on an intriguing note. End it with a question asking the readers about the things they plan to do. If the post was about some hack or tip, ask them in an encouraging way to contribute their experience with the same. People who are interested in the content will comment by answering that last question. This way you get to respond to them and get a way to reach them within few seconds. The tip here is to respond every comment you receive and spread your knowledge. This is effective in increasing reader loyalty and their trust in your blog content.

2) Help out readers

Comments as explained are a way for you to reach the reader and vice versa. If you have intrigued them or they have some doubt, they can quickly comment and ask you. Readers often ask for help when you publish some tutorials or any other tweak as a blog. Like this post for example, people might email or comment regarding some queries. Build great reputation by helping each and every email or comment that reaches you. There are people out there who read and share your content if you help them out. It is the easiest way to fuel your loyal reader base.

3) Showcase your top posts

All your star posts must be highlighted along with the content. These posts already enjoy a high readership and you have a chance to keep people longer on your site by this method. Just put top posts of your site on a sidebar and see the magic yourself. This is often helpful for many readers as they get to explore more things. Reading more content means they spend more time on your blog. You can easily do this by using a plugin for displaying top posts.

Tactics to Improve Blog Readership

4) Create a conversation

Another important factor that attracts readers is your writing style. Do not be serious while writing, because you are passing on useful information to humans not to search engines. While everybody has their own style, but readers appreciate a conversational tone as they go along reading a blog. Many readers are looking for solutions or some hacks and you can save the day by being friendly and writing to the point in your post.

5) Collect emails

Email is useful in building traffic. It is even convenient in increasing the readers site spend on time. Offer them a free eBook or any trial version of your product in exchange of their email. Slowly and steadily you will receive more number of emails and people will spend more time on your blog posts filling the information.

6) Spread your content over multiple pages

If you write detailed posts, you might as well spread them over multiple pages. This way you give the readers all the information in small parts and get them to spend more time on your side. This way even if your readers just skim through your posts, the average time they will spend on your site will be higher.

7) Related Posts

You may never know what exactly your visitors are looking for, which is similar vice versa also. But a useful plugin can give you the edge you need. Increase the interaction by mentioning related posts along with the current topic that you want readers to read.

These are useful strategies and tips, which have successfully increased spend on time for many sites. Try out and tell us what kind of results you get for your site.

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