Google’s Year In Search 2016

Google’s Year In Search 2016

Google – Year In Search YouTube Video shows us what the world searched for in 2016. The better part of this video, which Google lists as a category called “Losses”, is a sad reminder of the famous personalities that departed from this world. When the overall global searches are considered, Prince and David Bowie are in fourth and sixth place followed by other popular celebrities, including Christina Grimmie, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen and Harry Potter’s much-beloved character Professor Snape aka Alan Rickman. But despite the hardships and trials that were confronted by people this year, there were also times when inspiration, happiness and most of all love took over.

Google – Year In Search 2016

Pokémon Go, as was expected, turned out to be the most looked up topic on Google in 2016. Although it is interesting to note that this augmented reality game has now lost its allure. On second came the latest iPhone 7 which took the world by storm. President-elect Donald Trump charted on third but ranks on top on the “people” category.  As far as the global news is concerned, the U.S. election undoubtedly turned out to be the prominent issue which was succeeded by the Olympics and Brexit. It was followed by the unfortunate attacks at Orlando and Brussels, mourned throughout the globe and the outbreak of Zika virus which the people tried hard to understand.

But amidst the concerns that were brought up during the presidential election, there were instances of comic relief such as the memes of Dat Boi and Michael Phelps. This year, Deadpool was the highly searched film in the movies category, while Céline Dion was the most searched-for musician. Among the TV shows that were so popular with the masses, Stranger Things turned out to be the most searched on Google.

However, apart from highlighting the instances that made the year 2016, Google’s search activity shows how Google is preferred worldwide. The ‘Year in Search’ provides us with extraordinary behavior patterns of the masses that are now living their lives in a time where their requirements are met in microseconds. They want everything to be done within a flash of a moment, for instance, they want to understand, travel, work, purchase and look up for information and inspiration in a very quick amount of time.

In 2017, internet marketing companies must provide the customers quick information and services if they want to maintain the customer loyalty. Also, they have to search out for various methods to sustain as trustworthy in the market which can be done by seeking out various ways that match every single requirement of an individual in this dynamic world.  But most of all, this goal can be achieved only by remaining relevant during the times that will collectively sum up to become one more ‘big year in search. ‘


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