In 2019, as announced by Magento, you can launch Google Smart Shopping campaigns within the Magento control panel.

  • 11% of the websites using Magento are based in the US. (BuildWith)
  • Magento is the second most popular ecommerce platform globally. (CloudWays)
  • More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use Magento as their ecommerce platform. (Magento IT Solutions,
  • Magento has held the #1 spot on the internet Retailer 1000 list for four years in a row. (
  • On the internet Retailer B2B ecommerce 300 list, Magento is #1 with 42 merchants. (

About Magento

It is the number one commerce platform in the world and handles more than $100 billion in merchandise yearly. Magento offers different products and solutions personalized to fulfill the needs of businesses of any size across any industry. Magento is the solution for the ecommerce ventures who want to grow their business.

Magento is an open source and offers complete flexibility. It allows you to have access to the development codes and you are free to make changes that work for your business. You can select from a lot of customization options.

You have to add what works best for your business and you’re good to go, meaning there is no need to start from scratch. Any issues that your store might have will be tackled by the solutions that are provided by Magento.

You can optimize your landing pages, monitor your site traffic or even track your content efficiency using the available advanced SEO features of Magento. Your customers can browse your page from their phones, tablets or Notebooks and still get a pleasant experience as Magento allows store integration across different devices.

What Is Google Smart Shopping?

Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords are the two solutions that govern Google Shopping. You can keep and update all the information about your product range in the Merchant Center. The product data is arranged and stored in a format that other Google services like AdWords find usable.

You can plan and organize your online shopping campaigns, regulate your budget, set bids, measure KPIs and analyze metrics using Google AdWords. Google Shopping supports Product Listings ads which differ from conventional text ads a lot.

Traditional ad means are concerned about the right keyword selection but Google tools orchestrate your bids, customer search results, website content and much more to ensure that you reach the right target audience.

Google’s Smart technology automatically selects the products to advertise, the bidding process and where they appear, meaning it optimizes for the highest return on ad spend. The campaigns make campaign management simplified for the merchants.

Conversions can be maximized and reach can be expanded when both Product Shopping and Display ad are combined. Existing product feeds are combined with Google Smart Shopping. Then the merchants set a budget, upload assets, and choose the geographical area of sale.

Various combinations of the image and text are tested by Google’s machine learning process. After that, the ads which will be most effective are chosen. Automated bidding and ad placement are used by Google Smart Shopping to appear across all Google Networks, like Google Search, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

Google’s machine learning improves more as more data is collected because it continuously learns as campaigns run.

How Smart Shopping Works?

Both Product Shopping ads and Display ads are featured by Smart Shopping campaigns. It also includes remarketing ads and Similar Audiences. All of which can appear on Google networks.

Google Search – predicted intent and search queries of the users are used to decide which product ads among your product feed will be presented.

Display Network – user engagement determines the personalization of ads. Smart Shopping will check your product feed and if a user has checked products on your website, Smart Shopping will automatically feature those products in relevant ads.

Smart Shopping Reporting

How much Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) is benefitting merchants is revealed by Smart Shopping reporting. All campaign performances are analyzed effortlessly when reports are divided by product category, type, and other attributes. The merchants can set target returns on ad spends using Smart Shopping campaigns.

For instance, a target ROAS can be set for 500% (£20 x 5) if you decide to take £100 worth of revenue for every £20 spent. Then the Bids will be optimized so that they hit that target within your daily budget.

Aligning Your Magento 2 Platform With Google Shopping

The popularity of Magento 2 has been increasing in recent years among web store owners. This ecommerce platform is usually used to enhance shopping processes. You can combine Google Shopping capabilities, especially Product Listings Ads, with your Magento 2 based ecommerce store to get various benefits, as is done by most online merchants.

In order to have the full scope of Google Shopping functionality, you need to get some specifically developed Magento 2 extensions installed to your platform. It is highly recommendable to do so. Magento 2 software solutions can get you seamless Google Shopping integration and is widely acknowledged by online retailers.


Magento is a great platform that provides you the opportunity to run a successful business. As for Google Shopping, it provides you a vast customer base and the ability to promote the products by using ads.

Google Shopping integration with Magento allows you to connect your online storefront to the shopping platform without any headaches. And whatever effort you invest in it is worth it as it assures you of better results and great potential for your store.