Google Launches Rising Retail Categories Tool

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the coronavirus pandemic. Those looking for retail trends can now use a new method to know the type of categories is being searched by people are during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has launched the latest interactive tool which will show the most popular product categories searched on Google.

According to the search giant, Rising Retail Categories set off the top product searches to assist retailers to make data-driven business decisions. Google’s trend-focused data team has come up with the project.

Spending that is driven by needs has mostly replaced unrestricted spending, in-store buying has been replaced by online shopping. However, this might also change as local economies and retailers “open up.”

Offering Insight Into Consumer Demand

Google retail categories

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

This crisis has made product search active and quickly evolving which is why Google is launching Rising Retail Categories, within the ThinkWithGoogle domain. Due to the variations in consumer demand after the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers and manufacturers want more insights into the ways consumer interests are shifting.

Fast-Growing Categories And Queries


Rising Retail Categories, just like Google Trends, reveals developing, product-related categories, their related questions, and the geographic areas where product categories are trending the most.  The tool has got a series of search engine’s evolving, retail-related search categories by state or through the country, as well as the top queries in every category. The data is updated every day, and users can see results by week, month, or year using a drop-down tool.

Rising Retail Categories is a first for the company, which has not provided this type of information on product category searches ever. For instance, outdoor fare, including swimming pools and gear, golf bag accessories, water parks, and slides, and other related products, as well as safety-minded questions, such as neck gaiters and sneeze guards trended in the U.S. last month as per Google.

Google screened the data with a primary set of businesses, which began improvising on the ways this information can be used. Companies can use trend data to form new products. For example, a jewelry and accessories firm observed that the “free weights” category was famous and started working with fitness influencers for that theme.

Why We Care


Rising Retail Categories is now one among many search-data-driven tools and resources accessible on ThinkWithGoogle. Microsoft is issuing search trends by vertical during COVID-19. Numerous SaaS and martech companies having visibility into e-commerce trends and shopping queries are also available. However, they usually don’t provide free research to the public.

Take advantage of its keyword research tools that can offer beneficial data on product search queries, Even though the product-trend data obtained from Google’s Rising Retail Categories looks pretty moderate it’s still fascinating and supportive to selected brand marketers and small businesses.

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