Google IO Conference 2017 Highlights and Key Announcements

Google kicked off their much awaited 3 days annual I/O developer conference today at the Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, San Fransisco CA. CEO Sundar Pichai took the stage for the keynote followed by a developer keynote. The other events will be running for 3 days until May 19, 2017, with surprising news and anticipated announcements. We have sought out the sure things and analyzed the wild speculations in an attempt to foretell what to expect from I/O this year!

CEO Sundar Pichai – Keynote Speaker at IO 2017

Google Assistant, Home, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is widely agreed that this year Google Assistant will be receiving immense attention with updated features that may assist in bringing it to an even stronger position against its competitors such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. There can also be an update for the Home. Artificial intelligence is expected to have additional advancements along with developments in its knowledge base.

Android O: What’s on the menu?

To follow up on last year’s Android Nougat, Google has already released a developer preview for Android O. We don’t yet know what O stands for, but it is almost a certainty that Google will give us a sneak peek at what to expect from the next Android that’ll run on our smartphones. We already know a bit about Android—Google promises better battery life (just like every year), snoozing notifications and redone settings options, to name a few.

Android Auto

Google stated that Android is going to be the default option for infotainment in new Volvo and Audi vehicles. Cars with this latest software will be displayed at I/O this year. Android will be directly controlling various functions such as music, navigation and further voice-activated features as they can be accessed with the help of Google Assistant.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Google rolled out its VR platform Daydream a year ago and since then we have figured out that VR space is an area where Google is confronting pressing competition. Google has not brought anything striking in terms of the augmented reality that is why we are anticipating updates in with regard to Daydream.

Allo and Duo Updates

There have been continuous upgrading in Allo from the time it was rolled out in the previous year but considering the less number of people who have it, a messaging app from Google can be anticipated.

Duo has seen some success and you can see some new updates.

Android Wear

Google launched the Android Wear 2.0 a year ago and this time, it is highly likely that Google will talk about Wear onstage. So you can expect a major upgrade there as well!

Chrome OS

In the previous year, it was announced that Google would bring Android apps to Chromebooks. Considering the software, you can anticipate additional information regarding the ways Google can inspire developers to design apps optimized for phones as well as laptops.

Apart from the above, there can be a lot more to watch out at I/O. For all the latest updates and news from Google I/O 2017, stay tuned with us!

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