Google Analytics 360 Suite New Features and Tools

Google Analytics is used by millions of marketing professional worldwide.  Google just announced ‘Google Analytics 360 Suite’- a new set of marketing tools and integrated data, designed specifically for the enterprise-class marketers to improve their data driven marketing.

Discover the new Google Analytics 360 Suite. It is built for enterprise. It helps you to understand people in a better way, like how they behave, by giving you a better handle on all your marketing data. Get deep insights you can use to create more engaging experiences that are more meaningful to people and result in higher returns on all your marketing investments.

Check out the video on YouTube – What is Google Analytics 360 Suite by Jeffalytics

Prove Your Marketing is Driving Revenue:

Google Analytics 360 Suite delivers the customer and advertising insights you need to set your marketing strategy, drive sales, and ultimately outperform the competition.

According to Harry Tannenbaum – Head of Marketing Analytics, Nest, “Companies spend a lot of money on marketing; it’s difficult to understand which dollars are working and which dollars aren’t. The Google Analytics 360 Suite allows you to actually understand which half is working.”

Dedicated Google Support and Training:

Support from Google friendly account team is built into the Google Analytics 360 Suite. It’s all covered in your service level agreement.

Onboarding Made Easy:

Get thorough needs analysis for your business. Google will help you get up to speed, with full support and training materials.

Dedicated Services:

Google Analytic experts can be a natural extension of your marketing, analytics, and web development teams, devoted to your success every step of the way.


Ongoing Training & Exclusive Access:

Let us train your business analysts, marketing and technical staff. They’ll get priority access to new education and training, plus exclusive invitations to beta feature tests.

Fully Integrated and Intelligent:

Google Analytics 360 Suite works together. A single login lets your whole team work with all your data. Pull in the numbers, look for insights, and let automated marketing make adjustments.  

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