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Facebook advertising services assist your business to expand its online following, raising its brand awareness, and improving its lead generation and revenue-driving activities with the world’s greatest social media network.
As your go-to Facebook advertising company, PROS offers strategic approaches to effectively communicate with users who will be most open to it — potential clients in your audience! Together, we’ll identify your target audiences and determine the most effective approach to interacting with them.
Throughout the developing, targeting, and monitoring processes, our social media specialists will work with you to make sure we’re fulfilling your needs at every turn.

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PROS Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Ad Discovery

In order to help your business with Facebook advertising, we will need to learn more about you. This will help us figure out how to entice potential customers with your adverts and how they would like to see your brand on their newsfeeds. We focus on your company's distinctive qualities and your overall promotional objectives. If you have already run advertising, we will review those campaigns to see what was effective and what wasn't. Our internal ad specialists will give a thorough strategy outlining our plan of action to wrap up our discovery process.

Facebook Ad Development

The next action is to start creating your Facebook ads. The Facebook advertising copy, headlines, and descriptions that will be used in your ads will be written by our ad creatives. We will also add innovation to your commercials, such as excellent pictures or straightforward graphics, to draw viewers' attention to them. Prior to going live, you will have the chance to examine all of our Facebook Advertising Agency's deliverables.

Facebook Ad Optimization

The true magic starts once ads have been approved and are running. Your campaign will typically be launched by our digital marketing company with up to 10 ads, and we will continuously evaluate the performance of those ads using a/b testing. As time goes on, we start to notice a pattern in your ads that highlights the best and worst performers. In order to optimize the performance over time, our experts will be reviewing the performance data and making adjustments to your campaign.

Facebook Monitoring

Working with a Facebook advertising company has a lot of advantages, including the assurance of an extra set of eyes. As a business owner, you presumably lack the time necessary to monitor, eliminate mistakes, and improve your campaign. As part of our service, we will take care of managing your Facebook advertising and regular campaign monitoring. We'll monitor your advertising budget and make every effort to eliminate errors.

Facebook Reporting

PROS Facebook advertising company will send you a thorough report each month. You may use this report to analyze the current state of your Facebook advertising campaign and to showcase your overall results. To make sure we are on the same page, you will also have the chance to talk to us about your campaign every two weeks or once a month.

Why Choose PROS as your Facebook Advertising Company?

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Facebook advertising Company FAQs

Following a seven-month assessment, Facebook today designated Spark Foundry as its media agency of record.

Facebook said earlier this year that it had 8 million advertisers. According to data from marketing research company Pathmatics, of those, the top 100 firms spent $4.2 billion on Facebook advertising in 2017 — only around 6% of the platform’s overall ad revenue.

The average hourly rate for a Facebook ad provider globally is $137.38. The typical hourly rate for a Facebook advertising agency in the US is $136.69. SEO is also offered by 84% of social media advertising companies.

The average hourly rate for a Facebook ad provider globally is $137.38. The typical hourly rate for a Facebook advertising agency in the US is $136.69. SEO is also offered by 84% of social media advertising companies.

Global Facebook ad revenue from 2017 to 2026

Facebook made close to 115 billion dollars in advertising income in 2021. By 2026, this amount is projected to increase even further, reaching 203 billion dollars. The social media platform generates about 10% of all ad income worldwide.

The agency rate often ranges between 10% – 50% based on the media being placed and the amount of work being completed.

If a like occurs within one day of someone seeing your advertisement or within 28 days of someone clicking on it, it is considered to have been paid for. As an illustration, if someone watches your Page’s advertisement and then likes your Page many hours later, it will be considered a paid like as it occurred within a day of the person seeing your advertisement.

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