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The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) has become an essential fixture on the international tech program, drawing thousands of tech professionals and entrepreneurs to Dublin, Ireland, every year.

Serving as a platform for great technical ideas, the summit fosters collaboration, inspiration, and innovation within the tech industry. The 2024 Dublin Tech Summit, which took place on May 29th and 30th, was a vibrant showcase of developments.

Spanning two engaging days, the Dublin Tech Summit offers a packed agenda of keynote addresses, panel debates, interactive workshops, and ample networking opportunities. With participants hailing from over 60 countries, the summit presents a rich tapestry of cultures, viewpoints, and expertise.

Major Highlights at Dublin Tech Summit

Major Highlights at Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit 2024 was an impressive event that brought together a diverse global audience to delve into the future of technology. Here are the main highlights:

  • The summit drew over 8,000 participants from approximately 60 countries, facilitating a truly international exchange of ideas.
  • Over 200 influential speakers with expertise in various technological domains likely included researchers, entrepreneurs, and executives from leading tech companies and organizations.
  • Professionals from top-notch industries, including Microsoft, NASA, OpenAI, S4 Capital, IKEA, Google DeepMind, Oculus, the European Space Agency, Oxford University, Shutterstock, Pinterest, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, and Logitech, will take the stage to discuss innovative tech insights.
  • With over 150 startups in attendance, the summit provided a platform for innovative young companies to network with potential investors and industry collaborators.
  • With the participation of more than 80 corporate partners, the summit’s discussions and explorations received active engagement from established industry players.

Overall, the Dublin Tech Summit 2024 functioned as a major gathering for technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to explore the forefront of technology and its potential impact on the future.

DTS24 Key Areas of Focus

DTS24 Key Areas of Focus

Future Machines

The Future Machines segment of the Dublin Tech Summit 2024 was focused on the latest technological advancements. Here’s a breakdown of the specific subtopics:

  • Blockchain & Web3 explored the decentralized world of blockchain technology and its potential to transform our interaction with the internet.
  • Deep Tech looked into advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics that are fundamentally altering our world.
  • Metaverse, VR & AR delved into the growing technologies of virtual and augmented reality, blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.
  • Quantum explored the mind-bending realm of quantum computing and its potential to solve problems that classical computers currently cannot.
  • Space Tech examined the newest innovations in space exploration, including new spacecraft, launch vehicles, and private space companies.
  • Startups & Investment provided a stage for pioneering startups working on state-of-the-art technologies to connect with potential investors.
  • Transportation explored the future of transportation, encompassing self-driving cars, electric vehicles, and urban air mobility.

The Future Machines track at the Dublin Tech Summit 2024 provided a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest technological advancements and their impact on the future.

Future Enterprise

Future Enterprise

The Dublin Tech Summit 2024’s Future Enterprise track delved into crucial subjects for companies:

  • AI & Machine Learning: Exploring how businesses utilize AI and machine learning to automate tasks, enhance decision-making, and extract insights from data.
  • Big Data: Tackling how companies gather, store, and analyze vast data sets to enhance operations and customer interactions.
  • Cybersecurity: Confronting the challenge of cyberattacks and examining how businesses can safeguard themselves.
  • Digital Transformation 2.0: Companies leveraging technology to alter their operations and provide value to customers fundamentally.
  • E-commerce & MarTech: Exploring the latest developments in e-commerce and marketing technology, such as social media marketing, personalization, and
  • Fintech: Investigating how technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry, including areas like blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Future Of Work: Exploring the evolving nature of work, encompassing the rise of automation and the gig economy.
  • Startups & Investment: A platform for pioneering startups focusing on enterprise technologies to connect with potential investors.

The track furnished valuable insights for businesses of all sizes seeking to harness the latest technologies for a competitive edge.

Future US

Future US

The Dublin Tech Summit 2024 likely featured a dedicated track focusing on the impact of technology, culture, and policy. The track’s subtopics included: 

  • Arts & Entertainment, delving into the ways technology is transforming art, music, and entertainment experiences
  • Bioaugmentation, exploring the potential applications of a future technology
  • DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), addresses how technology can promote diversity and equity.
  • Health & Wellness, examining technology’s role in improving healthcare and public health
  • Legal Tech, focusing on technology’s impact on the legal industry.
  • Smart Cities, discussing how technology is enhancing cities’ efficiency and sustainability
  • Social Tech, examining the influence of online technologies on social movements and the dissemination of information
  • Start-ups & Investment, highlighting startups working on these technologies and exploring how they can be supported.

Overall, the Future US track provided valuable insights into how technology is shaping the future across various sectors.

Future Planet

Future Planet

The Future Planet track at the Dublin Tech Summit 2024 focused on how technology could be utilized to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our planet. The subtopics were as follows:

  • Futurism: This segment delved into broader future visions and the role of technology in shaping them, with discussions on topics such as resource management, climate change solutions, and potential future scenarios.
  • Planetary Protection: This subtopic is probably centered on the development of technologies aimed at safeguarding our planet from threats such as asteroids, climate change, and pollution.
  • Start-ups & Investment: Similar to other tracks, this segment offered a platform for pioneering startups working on sustainable technologies to connect with potential investors.
  • Sustainability: This central theme encompassed various discussions on how technology could be harnessed to build a more sustainable future, focusing on areas like renewable energy, clean water, and waste reduction.
  • Tech For Good: This subtopic expanded the scope to explore how technology could be used to address social and environmental challenges beyond sustainability, potentially including areas such as education, healthcare, and global poverty.

The Future Planet track aimed to serve as a platform for collaboration and innovation in utilizing technology to tackle the most critical challenges facing our planet.

Stages and Events

Stage at DTS24

The Dublin Tech Summit 2024 showcased four primary stages dedicated to different aspects of technology:

  • Prism Stage: This area functioned as the central focal point for important tech discussions, featuring presentations from CEOs of tech giants and leading innovators discussing topics like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, the future of work, and the impact of technology on society.
  • Nexus Stage: This stage aimed to serve as a gathering place for imaginative and inventive individuals and likely held discussions on the convergence of technology, creativity, and business solutions.
Accelerate Stage
  • Accelerate Stage: Tailored for startups aiming to advance their growth, this stage delves extensively into venture capital, international expansion strategies, and the specific requirements of early-stage companies.
  • Tech Hive & Workshops: This provided a more personalized and comprehensive experience, likely including focused discussions, workshops, and presentations exploring specific technological advancements and their complexities.

Additional Highlights

List of Notable Speakers

List of Notable Speakers

The summit this year had an impressive array of speakers, including:

Omar Hatamleh
  • Omar Hatamleh serves as the Chief Advisor for Artificial Intelligence & Innovation at NASA. His insights into AI’s transformative potential and its applications in space exploration and beyond are highly anticipated.
Emma Redmond
  • Emma Redmond holds the position of Associate General Counsel for Privacy and Data Protection at OpenAI. Her discussion focussed on the ethical use of AI, regulatory challenges, and strategies for safeguarding personal data in an increasingly interconnected world.
Colin Murdoch
  • Colin Murdoch, the Chief Business Officer at Google DeepMind. Colin’s role at the forefront of one of the world’s leading AI research labs makes him a pivotal voice in discussions on AI’s future
Sasha Rubel
  • Sasha Rubel holds the position of Head of Public Policy for AI & Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sasha’s work in public policy and her extensive knowledge of AI and ML make her a crucial participant in discussions on the regulatory landscape and ethical considerations of AI.
Emerald de Leeuw
  • Emerald de Leeuw, the Global Head of Privacy and AI Governance at Logitech. Emerald brings expertise in navigating the intersection of privacy, AI, and consumer electronics, offering invaluable insights into responsible tech development.
Jack McCauley
  • Jack McCauley, who is the Innovator-in-Residence at Berkeley University and a Co-founder of Oculus. Jack’s pioneering work in virtual reality has reshaped how we interact with digital content, and his perspectives on innovation are sure to inspire attendees.
Irina Mirkina
  • Irina Mirkina, the AI Lead at UNICEF. Irina’s efforts to leverage AI for social good highlight the transformative potential of technology in addressing humanitarian challenges, making her a vital voice in discussions on the ethical use of AI.

Networking Opportunities offered at the summit

Networking Opportunities offered at the summit

The DTS offered a wealth of networking and collaboration opportunities, including:

  • Industry Meet-ups: These were sector-specific events where attendees mingled with peers and industry leaders, fostering valuable connections.
  • Startup Pitch Sessions: Emerging companies received a platform to present their innovations and catch the eye of potential investors. This year, the DTS hosted the regional qualifiers for the Startups World Cup for the first time. Over two days, 50 startups competed for a spot in the finals, with the ultimate chance to win $1,000,000.
  • Interactive Workshops: These hands-on sessions were designed to enhance knowledge sharing and skill development among participants.

These activities not only allowed attendees to build important relationships but also to explore possibilities for future collaborations.


The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) 2024 brought together over 8,000 attendees from 60 countries to explore the latest advancements in AI, robotics, big data, sustainability, and more. The event featured 200 international speakers, including industry leaders and creative minds.

The summit offered engaging formats, such as key tech talks, discussions on technology and creativity, breakthrough celebrations, and workshops. Overall, the summit solidified Dublin’s position as a major European tech hub by showcasing the latest innovations and fostering collaboration between industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

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