What: Collision Tech Conference 2019

When: May 20 to May 23, 2019

Where: Enercare Centre, Toronto

Collision – the fastest-growing tech conference in North America, is redefining the global tech industry by bringing together the people and companies. It is in its fifth year with more than 25,000 attendees. World’s biggest buyers and sellers of technology, with many developing technology companies, are going to attend North America’s fastest-growing tech conference. The collision has 17 tracks that explore the massive change tech has brought to every industry known to man.

You must attend a workshop if you are attending Collision. You will have the chance to learn skills from experts who are working are the biggest companies in the world. You can sign up for roundtables as well. The curated roundtables offer you an opportunity for a thorough discussion.

20 May 2019; First attendee, Lauren Linton, after registration prior to the start of Collision 2019 at Enercare Center in Toronto, Canada. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Collision via Sportsfile

Where to Register?

Registration will start at the Galleria in the Enercare Centre 100 Princes’ Boulevard Toronto on Monday, May 20 at 10 am. In case you could not make it on that day, you can easily register any of the following days of the conference.

Famous speakers and attendees from all walks of life will be coming to Toronto this May to attend the conference. You can go for Pre-registration and book tickets for Collision in advance. Registration starts on Monday from May 20, 10:00 to 20:30 (630min). If you want to book your tickets hassle-free and avoid those long queues from the morning of May 21, then take our suggestion and complete your registration as early as possible. Go for pre-registration and you can register at the venue before Collision begins.

Collision is like a whirlwind which is why we want you to be as prepared as you can be. To ensure you make most of the experience and be ready to enjoy what awaits you in Toronto, we have made some Collision essentials.

Explore Collision’s 17 tracks and get your ticket to get access to all tracks happening at Collision. Download the Collision app and you can get access to the events. A printed ticket is not necessary as it can be scanned from the app via a QR code. You just have to bring your government-approved photo ID with you and you can go through registration hassle free.

You will get your ticket invoice in your confirmation email soon after you buy your ticket. You can also reassign your tickets if your plans change. You just have to make sure that your tickets are assigned within 30 days of purchase.

You can meet the startups coming to Collision in 2019. Apply to exhibit at Collision as part of our ALPHA startup program if you want to see your startup featured.

There will be lines dedicated at registration for the general attendee, women in tech, easy access, ALPHA, GROWTH/BETA, partner and investor/executive tickets. The support desk will also be there if you need any help with registration.

How to Get There?

You will arrive through two airports if you are traveling to Toronto for Collision. From Pearson International airport or you can take a taxi, public transport or Union Pearson Express and from Billy Bishop Toronto city airport you can also take a taxi, public transport or Shuttle bus.

Photo Credits: collisionconf.com