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CES Recap Highlights 2015 - Pros

CES Recap Highlights 2015

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International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) showcased new innovations in electronics and technology in abundance. The uber-cool products, gadgets and gizmos defined lots of new and amazing trends that are going to go on this year. It was a big event and had more than 3000 exhibitions. Cool new gadgets, drones, Internet of things (IoT), wearables, cars, toys also including robots were big attractions among all the exhibits. Many new startups showcased their work and successfully launched their new products. Many concepts were successfully prototypes and launched at this main event. Technology is taking the right foot forward and it is a great leap from the last year as far as the International Consumer Electronics Show is concerned.

Below mentioned are the important highlights of CES 2015:

1) Internet of Things (IoT): Machines and technology are coming one step closer to your life as CES 2015 witnessed something revolutionary. Internet of Things is the most amazing innovation people are going to witness this year. It constitutes of connected devices and systems, which enhance our lives. Big companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm etc. are innovating on Internet of Things. Internet of things will give rise to smart homes, connected cities, connected automobiles, big cloud data so that you are always connected. Your gadgets will be controlling your appliances, doors and even thing like laundry. Internet of Things is also called Internet of Everything.


2) Smaller and Faster Drones: Drones were one of the major attractions of the electronics show. Drones are unmanned, remote-controlled vehicles that fly in the air. But this time drones were more sophisticated in looks as well as functionality. Attendees at CES enjoyed clicking selfies with camera attached flying drones. These extremely small aerial drones are the coolest innovation exhibited at CES 2015. Many new startups and crowd funded teams launched drones at the show and were appreciated a lot.

3) Highest Resolution 4K TV’s: It is the biggest electronics show of the year and TV’s are the biggest of all exhibits. Makers from around the globe were trying to woo consumers by launching high definition TV’s. The latest are the OLED, quantum dots, ultra-widescreen TV’s, which had great features and best picture quality. Many new things like bendable and curved screens along with more than 4K resolution TV’s were displayed.

4) Driverless Cars: Attention everybody, the cars of the future are here and it is none other than Mercedes-Benz that launched the very first driverless car at CES 2015. The F015 is an innovative, highly sophisticated and luxurious driverless car that was unveiled at the show. From the looks of the showcase, everybody loved it. It seems like the entire industry will undergo a phenomenal change in the coming years as Mercedes has set the bar very high.

5) Virtual Reality: The Las Vegas convention center also witness Oculus Rift, a startup acquired by Facebook, which launched Virtual Reality hardware at CES 2015. Oculus showcased a headset that could make virtual reality possible and appealing too. The excitement is already in the air after the showcase as everyone is waiting for the consumer version to hit the markets.

6) 3D Printers: 3D printing technology is not relatively new;but it still got a great fan following here at CES. 3D printing industry is getting better with time. Technology wise it is becoming for adaptable and affordable. 3D printing really left every consumer visiting spellbound. You can now print chocolates, candies and even hard materials like wood with these 3D printers.

7) Wearables: When you think of wearables all you think is a band that carries information. In 2015, wearables are going to be touching your life, more than you an ever imagine. From fitness, activity tracking to keeping you healthy thee smart bands are launched for multiple purposes. Big companies and so many startups have initiated this trend in 2014 and it will continue to grow this year too.


8) Startups Shine: This is a great achievement for the technology driven companies. Many new players were applauded for breaking the cliché and shining at this huge event. While technology impressed everyone, a big chunk of it came from really small teams at even smaller startups. 3D printing, Drones, Wearables etc. were launched by many startups and these products were extremely impressive.

Did we miss anything? If yes, share your favorite product announcements or CES 2015 news with us.

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