Vegan Beauty WordPress Ecommerce Development

Vegan Beauty WordPress Ecommerce Web Development

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Project Overview

PROS provided tailored, customer-friendly and robust e-commerce marketing services to vegan Beauty. Our marketing experts enhanced Vegan Beauty’s online presence by enhancing their email marketing campaigns, website design, and digital marketing

Project Challenge:

  • Improve the Paid advertising campaigns and Conversions.
  • Increase the email conversion rate by using Klaviyo email marketing services.
  • The site was loading slowly, not mobile-friendly, not SEO friendly, and with outdated design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UI/UX)
  • The goal was to improve their presence online and create a brand

Solutions Delivered:

  • PROS developed and designed e-commerce technology and other important facts, including digital marketing, Google Ads, and more.
  • Integration with payment gateways and various APIs
  • Develop and implement custom modules and complex integrations
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Improved user interface and user experience

Technologies & Services

Categories: Design, Development, Digital Marketing

Company Overview

Vegan Beauty was born from the love for nature, admiration for the beauty, and passion for nature. Our life always revolved around thousands of papayas at home, endless sacks of oranges, and tons of peanuts it was exciting to play between brothers to see who could climb a gigantic mountain of watermelons with the fear of a funny landslide or to know that it is soon CHRISTMAS because there are boxes and boxes of almonds, cinnamon, and tejocotes.

Now we merge that knowledge to create the PERFECT combination. We extract the juice from the beets, the color from Jamaica, and the extracts from the grapes, we transform the Pinole into makeup. We use the color of coffee because we know that “if you can eat it, you can put it on that is why we use nature to feed our skin, in the cosmetic industry we characterize ourselves as a proud natural products company and made by Women.

Vegan Beauty offers fast delivery and high-quality vegan beauty products for any customer. We strive for excellence in our business by shipping grade-A quality plants. We will not be undersold for quality and want our customers to have a unique and comfortable experience every time they visit our store.

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