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Project Overview

The Challenge:

  • To launch a new website for Island Thatch Inc.
  • Improve conversions
  • Optimize site and product pages for search engines


Solutions Delivered:

  • Island Thatch Inc., which is one of largest online bamboo suppliers in the USA, launched a new website:
  • The design was not been optimized for SEO and eCommerce and lacked social media and an integrated blog
  • PROS researched their site and their competition. After in-depth analysis, we concluded that the site lacked optimized content, SEO friendly URLs and link popularity
  • Other issues were with product pages that lacked a call-to-action, and a suboptimal overall checkout funnel user experience
  • PROS devised a marketing strategy based on their iMarketing platform consisting of an aggressive SEO campaign, Social Media strategy, Content Creation and Optimization with a redesign of the eCommerce platform to effectively promote their top converting products
  • Within 3 months of our iMarketing campaign, achieved a first page ranking for some of their top keywords, they have a Social Media presence with over 1,000 fans/followers, their organic traffic jumped by over 500% and their conversions have more than doubled

Technologies & Services

Magento, Ecommerce

Categories: Design, Development, Magento Ecommerce, Marketing

Company Overview

Sunset Bamboo is the only US-based bamboo and thatch provider who works exclusively with organic raw materials. Their commitment to being completely green begins with the way the materials are collected to respect the integrity of the plant and contribute to rapid and rigorous renewal of both, bamboo, thatch and coconuts. They are judicious in our removal of only the quality shoots and leaves, leaving the remainder of the plant intact to renew as it provides a stable habitat for wildlife.

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