Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is the most powerful social media networking platform with more than 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook can help companies from small businesses to large enterprises to engage potential customers and increase awareness of their brand. Facebook has also become the most popular social media app on smartphones and accounts for 66% of all social media sharing on iPhones. Facebook allows you to interact with your customers online as you can share, listen, respond and promote your brand.

Social media engagement is a crucial part of any social media strategy. Engagement simply means the audience views on your post, likes, shares or comments on it.

  • Views: Number of times your post/page was viewed.
  • Like: Clicking ‘Like’ is a way to give positive feedback and connect with things you care about.
  • Comment: Here you can express an opinion or reaction to anything updated on Facebook.
  • Share: This allows the users to share information that may be useful for others.



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Here are some (updated) ways to engage people on Facebook because after all, it is what later leads to business building and marketing:

  1. Ask Questions: One of a good start to ignite dialogue and conversations with fans is by asking questions. To get people to respond to your posts, it is the best tactic and perhaps one of the easiest ways.
  2. Timing:When it is about posting on any social networks timing is holds grave important. Because if you update your wall post while everyone is busy with work or sleeping, then you know the results better. To post the material after work, while people are in their way, on weekends or holidays would be highly beneficial as during these times people often login and check for updates on their social network accounts.
  3. Photos:Every one of us has come across the famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a picture is worth much more than that when it is uploaded on Facebook. To build engagement on Facebook, photos in generality are one of the most favorite ways of business owners. This is so because photographs are catchy and they stand out better as juxtaposed to time consuming status updates or posted links. Pictures are clear and concise and are easily digestible to the mind.
  4. Facebook Contest: Another wonderful way to increase Facebook participation is through Facebook contests. The reason behind it is that the contests not only engage loyal fans, but also generates a kind of enthralling ambience. The contests will also get frequent users who’ll go to your Facebook page at regular intervals in order to know whether they have won.

There are several kinds of contests that can be held on Facebook. Social media promotions platform – Binkd, for instance, allows you to make a contest that is straight-forward sweepstakes. It also creates contests that are more challenging that generates more involvement on your page. According to the participation that you would like from your audience, several kinds of contests can be arranged. A contest with the name ‘vote to win’ can fetch you likes, but to get as many comments you’ll need to make the contest more challenging as it would require to write in the comment box.

  1. Crowdsource for Answers:Instead of yourself providing answers to your fans to assist others who are in need of tips and advice would be an excellent idea. The idea is to collect source for tips and suggestions through your fan base, which in turns would help other fans out. Just observe how engaging your fan base can become when your brand provides them with something they can well connect to.
  2. Call to Action: In order to steer the audience to retaliate in a way that you wish to, call to actions can be a great step as it instill psychological nudges. Not having a call to action is one thing that most important thing that business owners or marketers generally forget when they update their Facebook page. When the audience is provided with specifics as to what to respond to, they answer better.

Subway, an iconic American Franchise, fully understands the importance of the call to action. On their Facebook page, you’ll find them frequently adding the phrase, “Like” this if you … or Click “like” if you ___.

  1. Facebook Ads: Promoting your Facebook page with the use of ‘page post story ads’, or Facebook’s most recent wall post promotion, can also increase your page involvement. Bu this way you can help your wall posts achieve greater reach.
  2. Frequency of Posting: The frequency of posting has also proven to have an impact on Facebook participation.
  3. According to a research by Buddy Media, pages that posted one or two times per day receives 40% higher user engagement compared to pages that had more than 3 posts per day. This evidently tells that it is the quality of your Facebook wall post, not the quantity of the post. What is working well for your brand might fail to work the same way for others.

Conclusion: Facebook can generate a great amount of traffic to your website, but first concentrate on getting your posts/page in front of fans.

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