Best Features of Top Ecommerce Websites

Many small businesses and large corporations depend on ecommerce for a significant portion of their revenues. Its important that their ecommerce technology and marketing is optimized to ensure success. Top ecommerce websites are simple on the frontend but might highly sophisticated on the backend. The goal is to deliver the best user interface and user experience with fast loading time, easy navigation on all devices mobile/tablet/desktop and search optimized URLs. Also,  personalization of content that is relevant to the user with integrated marketing.

Website Search: By placing a Search box on top of website that is is easy to find and use can help your overall website conversion. Instead of having the user scroll through dozens to thousands of products or articles, implementing a search box can save them time, energy, and even help boost times spent on your website and lower your bounce rate improving your overall ecommerce website SEO because they’ll be able to find what they need quicker.

Featured Products: It’s important to add a featured products section to an ecommerce website. You can showcase the top selling products or new products here. This will help with products that need to be sold quickly or campaigns that are promoting a new line of products. Putting this at the top of the website will make it easy for users to buy these products and help impulse buyers make a quick decision.

Related Products: Related products are important to help a user purchase more than just the single item they were initially buying by giving them a selection of relevant products during their checkout process. This is a highly popular upsell method used by Amazon for over a decade. This can help an ecommerce website increase their overall revenues by achieving higher average order value (AOV) and higher conversion by implementing related products on their product details and cart pages.

Happy young couple shopping online, using laptop computer and credit card, smiling.

Email marketing Subscription Box: Email marketing may seem old school, but email subscriptions are actually more alive than ever and this is easiest way to target people directly who may buy your products. By showing the subscription box somewhere prominent, you’ll find yourself gaining more subscribers that may turn into potential customers.

Navigation: Without optimizing your website user interface and experience, your potential customers may leave and find another website that sells the product they’re looking for. If site navigation is not user friendly, chances are they won’t buy and you will lose revenue. When you have optimized categories and overall navigation, you can zoom in on what they customer may be looking for, providing a smoother shopping experience.

Graphics: Nice graphics are a key when designing your website and is a part of good user interface. A top ecommerce website must have appealing graphics that are of high quality, crisp and clean, otherwise customers may not buy the product. This is because when a website looks great and offers great product pictures, your products look more appealing resulting in higher sales and overall conversion.

Social Media: Last but not least, your social media presence is also extremely important. By having an active presence on any social media website, you portray good customer service to the potential customer. By showing that you’re readily available on social media networks, you seem more trustworthy to customers.

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