Beginners Guide To Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Drones are actually known as UAV‘s which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  Everyone should accept the fact that drones are really cool and videos shot through them are the ones garnering millions of views by the people. Throughout the United States, an increasing number of real estate agents are bringing forth engaging virtual tours and videos for the clients. And video production agencies have a big hand in this new trend, for they attach a high-definition camera on the base of the drone and with its help, they are able to record astounding videos and photos that otherwise might be impossible to capture. However, it is very important to understand how this technology is rightly used as only then you can fulfill your purpose. When you are able to rightly use the videos and photos captured by a drone in your Listings Marketing Plan, then only you can find yourselves among the true specialist in “listings marketing.” But you should also understand one thing; listings are not going to be affected simply by only using drone videos and photos.

A real estate agent requires an overall listings marketing system, which incorporates:

  • Trained real estate photography.
  • Trained real estate video/virtual tours.
  • A system that operates buyer/agent feedback.
  • A strategy for controlling the listing over the initial 30 days on the market.
  • Professional single property webpages (both branded and non-branded).
  • A method that provides continuous communication among the seller, buyer feedback and all other marketing endeavors.
  • To market the listings, a scheme is required for all separate marketing ventures.

Although among the entire listings marketing plan, presenting aerial videos and photos doesn’t hold much importance but their quality of being equally engaging and attractive leaves a huge and lasting impression on the sellers.

Drones, Real Estate Agents, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

One most important thing that all the real estate agents must know is that there are rules, legalities, and certifications required before you employ it in for commercial purpose. As the photos and videos taken from a drone are being utilized in marketing or selling a property, this practice is called a commercial application. Thus, as a marketer, you must have proper information of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as they are the ones who oversee and regulate all the aspects where and how drones (UAV’s) are used.

According to FAA, in case you “Fly for Fun” there are few extremely simple and practical commands regarding the usage of the drone. For example, how, when, and where you can use it. However, when you “Fly for Work”, then there are certain conditions that are required to be fulfilled.

San Francisco Skyline Architecture – Image Taken With a Drone

Here are the FAA Guidelines for using drones (UAV’s) in a commercial application:

  1. Pilot Requirements: You must have a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate and pass a TSA vetting test.
  2. Drone/Aircraft Requirements: The drone must weigh less than 55lbs. And you must undergo a pre-flight check before flying. (If the drone weighs more than 55lbs then it must be registered with the FAA)
  3. Location: Must operate within Class G airspace.
  4. Operating Rules: You must keep the drone within your line of sight. Must fly at or less than 400ft. It must fly at or less than 100 mph. Must NOT fly over people unless you have a waiver. It must not fly from a moving vehicle.
  5. Legal/Regulatory Stuff: Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulation (14 CFR) Part 107.

Now that you have gone through all the formalities of FAA, you are completely ready to begin the work. In case you do not want to purchase a drone or do not have enough time to learn how it is operated, you can get in touch with individuals and companies who provide aerial videography and photography to the customers. This practice has been increasingly becoming popular and saves you a lot of time as well. All you need to do is ensure the person you hire has expertise in this field and has compliance with all the FAA regulations.

The Right Way to Make a Virtual Tour for your Listings

Simply by recording your video or photos with a drone will not turn your virtual tour in a hit overnight. For this, you must design such a virtual tour that incorporates not just the exterior location but also the interiors.

The opening and ending scenes of your virtual tour video should have the majority of the aerial footage, however, the content or rest part of your virtual tour video should be consisting of the insides of the home.

A virtual tour is considered great when it begins from the property starting on the outside front and then progresses into the living rooms, followed by the shots of the kitchen, then the bedrooms, bathrooms, and then the insides with bonus rooms, sunrooms, or basements. The backyard should be shown towards the conclusion, and at last the final scene should wind up everything, back to the beginning where the tour commenced.

At last, you should aim to produce such an effective video that clients and landlords can do nothing but love the whole work because visuals can be extremely potent. If you are able to do this job rightly, then you will find an immense increase in the number of new opportunities and the leads you will receive for your business.

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