An Ultimate Guide to Klaviyo Marketing


Email transformed modern communication and is still evolving. According to Statista, the number of global email users reached 4.1 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach 4.6 billion by 2025.

What exactly does this mean for retailers? Is email marketing a magic button for increasing sales? It can be, but maximizing on email marketing requires a good strategy that will pave the way for long-term success with the email channel.
Before you start building your email marketing campaign, you should first consider Klaviyo’s pricing and features. Read on for a detailed comparison and a free tier that will get you started without breaking your budget. This article will also cover its features, Benefits pricing, integrations, and free tier. Here are three reasons you should consider Klaviyo for your marketing campaign:


With its powerful marketing automation tools, Klaviyo can help you grow your business and get more customers. The platform allows you to segment your customer base and list and leverage your data to target specific customers. For example, you can send personalized welcome messages to customers, send purchase follow-up messages and create automated welcome email flows. You can also set up automated SMS marketing campaigns with Klaviyo. This can help you increase your sales and boost your website’s performance.
One of the most exciting features of Klaviyo is its predictive analytics feature. It can help you segment your customers and send them more relevant messages. You can create post-purchase upsell campaigns that target customers who haven’t made a purchase in a long time, and use predictive analytics to analyze your customers’ buying patterns. Additionally, you can send targeted SMS messages to customers who haven’t re-purchased your products, boosting their sales.
ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo both have direct integration lists, but Klaviyo’s list is much more detailed. Both email marketing services provide detailed analytics, including revenue generated from automated emails. You can also track the performance of individual campaigns. Klaviyo also includes a Dynamic Product Feed that lets you customize your store. You can even set up automations based on the gender of your customers.
Klaviyo offers robust reporting and analytics, allowing you to tailor reports to your business needs. The customizable reporting and dashboards help you see how your marketing efforts are performing based on various customer segments. You can use this data to develop targeted campaigns and send them to Facebook or Instagram. In addition to this, you can also target specific segments with the help of one-on-one personalization. Klaviyo provides insights that help you improve your social media marketing strategy.


If you’ve been considering a new email marketing strategy, integrations with Klaviyo Marketing Services are a great place to start. Not only does Klaviyo integrate with popular email marketing platforms, but it also provides a powerful tool for customer segmentation. For instance, Klaviyo can sync data from Facebook to help you develop custom audiences. Lookalike audiences are a great way to target customers who are similar to your current customer base, but have never heard of you before.
For eCommerce sites, Klaviyo supports integrations with hundreds of platforms. The open API allows integration with any platform that exports data. And because Klaviyo uses NoSQL technology, there are no limits on data volume, age, or data fields. You don’t need to learn new APIs or data schema. Besides, integrations with Klaviyo allow unlimited imports of real-time data from practically any marketing stack. This gives you better audience insights and better understanding of your customers.
Another example of an integration with Klaviyo is its ability to integrate with LimeLight, which lets you segment your leads by property and send them to Klaviyo. Zoho is another excellent integration option, and it allows you to personalize emails according to lead properties. Customer support is crucial in any business, and Klaviyo can help. Integrations with Zendesk, Help Scout, and Desk allow you to manage customer support efficiently. With these integrations, you can view customer support history, which is essential for good customer service.
The Klaviyo Shopify integration provides a wealth of email marketing options. In addition to supporting customized email campaigns, Klaviyo also supports integrations with Convertful, GetSiteControl, OptinMonster, and KickoffLabs. Similarly, Klaviyo supports Typeform, Unbounce, and Wufo. Your Klaviyo marketing strategy will be more targeted and effective when you integrate Klaviyo with these tools.

Free tier

The free tier of Klaviyo Marketing Services is a great way to try the platform out without spending a dime. It’s available to those with 250 or less profiles, and lets you use all the platform tools for a month without charging a dime. However, if you plan to send out a lot of emails, you may want to purchase one of the paid plans. If you don’t have a lot of contacts, it might not be a good option for you.
The free tier of Klaviyo includes advanced email marketing tools like segmentation and automation. The email marketing dashboard allows you to see the revenue generated by your automated email workflow and campaigns. The product also provides you with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create a personalized email for your customers. You can use the software’s templates to customize your emails or customize your own. In addition to sending emails, Klaviyo also provides analytics on your marketing efforts, including how effective they are.
The premium plans offer more features. They include deep integrations and detailed reports on campaign metrics. You can also choose the free tier if you don’t want to commit to a yearly fee. As you increase your business, you’ll get more support. You’ll also get more email and SMS campaigns for the same price as a paid tier. With so many features and benefits, Klaviyo is a great choice for your business.
As you can see, Klaviyo is not comparable to Mailchimp in terms of pricing. While you’re free to use the free tier up to 250 subscribers, you’ll be required to pay a dime once you reach the one-million-subscriber limit. This is why the free tier is worth considering for those with a small list. The free tier gives you 500 email sends a month, and two list-wide email sends per month.

Benefits of Klaviyo

If you are looking to build a sales funnel, you may have heard about Klaviyo. It has been praised for its cost-effectiveness, integrations, and efficiency. While you may be tempted to install Klaviyo yourself, you should consider hiring a professional to maximize your ROI. For Shopify merchants, Finlayson Digital, a certified Klaviyo Master, is offering free installation and configuration of Klaviyo.


The cost of Klaviyo depends on how many contacts you have and how many SMS messages you send each month. Up to 250 contacts are free, and then it costs $20 per month for 251 contacts and beyond. Then, you pay $0.01 per SMS message sent, or $0.03 per MMS delivered. If you need to send a lot of messages, you may want to consider the $1,700 plan. However, it’s possible to get a free trial and see if it’s worth the money.

The free plan gives you access to 250 active profiles, and you can try out autoresponders and email flow on this plan. The free version also allows you to send 500 emails, with double opt-in required for all subscribers. However, you need to be aware that all of your emails will be branded by Klaviyo, so you may want to consider other providers. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying more than you need to.

ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo both offer similar features. While both have advanced email marketing capabilities, ActiveCampaign offers a free trial with a small number of contacts. However, ActiveCampaign is more affordable than Klaviyo. Depending on your number of subscribers, you can opt-in to any of their four paid plans. Each plan comes with a customizable plan, which makes it ideal for smaller businesses.

The cost of Klaviyo depends on how many subscribers you have. If your business primarily sells to consumers, you may want to consider the cost of Claviyo. It’s not the cheapest option, but it does offer advanced features and cool social media connections. It works on active profiles, so you should know exactly how many subscribers you have. It is possible to split your subscribers, and you can earn an additional $85 per month by signing up for the paid version.

Although the cost of Klaviyo is slightly higher than that of MailChimp, it is an excellent tool for email marketing. Its features are flexible and allow you to design personalized emails. But you can’t expect it to be cheap, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to opt for Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a more comprehensive solution and costs less, but it does not offer as many advanced features as Klaviyo.


One of the most compelling features of Klaviyo is its integration with email marketing platforms. Whether you are using Klaviyo to send out newsletters to a select list or you are using it to automate marketing campaigns, you can easily integrate your Klaviyo account with a variety of email marketing platforms. You can send personalized emails to certain segments of your audience to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. In addition, you can segment your contact lists based on behavior or individual interests.

The Klaviyo Open API allows you to integrate it with various third-party tools, including email marketing platforms. Using the open API, you can integrate your marketing platform with Klaviyo in a snap. Integrations are simple and quick, and all data is synced automatically. It supports various types of email marketing platforms, including email, SMS, and SMS. It also offers more than 70 pre-built integrations with other software, including OptinMonster and Gladly.

Another option is to use Appy Pie Connect to connect Klaviyo with 150+ other apps. This integration is particularly useful for e-commerce companies, as it helps you turn leads into paying customers and repeat business. In addition to Appy Pie Connect, Klaviyo integrates with Shopify. If you’re using this software on a Shopify store, you can connect it with Shopify to send exclusive offers to affiliates.

The integrations of Klaviyo are extremely diverse. You can integrate it with various platforms, from email marketing to sales, from accounting to shipping. And if the integration you are looking for doesn’t exist, you can request it. The integrations of Klaviyo make the process of using email easy for you. There’s no need to be limited to just one, though; you can integrate as many as you want.

While Klaviyo can be used with other email marketing platforms, the sheer number of integrations is overwhelming. It’s possible to integrate it with a variety of email platforms – from e-commerce sites to popular social networks. However, there are still some areas in which Klaviyo is less compatible with MailChimp. Without an integration, Shopify commerce merchants will have to rethink their email marketing efforts.


While the core features of Klaviyo are excellent, the product’s pricing plan could benefit from some tweaking. The all-inclusive pricing model would make it easier to get the best value for money, but the company should still find ways to improve on its most important features and refine its enterprise tier. For starters, it should add more features and improve on its reporting. Moreover, a new feature is much needed, such as an in-depth analysis of customer feedback and performance data.

Using Klaviyo, marketers can segment their customer lists by defining specific user profiles and using Daasity data to customize messaging. High value customers are considered to be more profitable because they purchase more often and place larger orders. The company should target these customers with customized messages to boost their conversion rates. For more insights on how to use Klaviyo’s analytics and reporting, read on. After all, the best marketing automation begins with segmenting your contacts.

In addition to leveraging its unique customer database, Klaviyo has a robust pricing model. Its pricing strategy is based on the lifetime value of a customer and repeat purchases. That’s good, but it’s not enough to justify the high cost of using the tool. And many ecommerce stores don’t need Klaviyo’s tools. They can opt for a full-stack solution such as Demandware, which offers many more features.

A recent study from the Harvard Business School found that Klaviyo helps marketers create engaging social media experiences. It uses customer data to dynamically sync segments to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Its customer base now spans 120 countries and Klaviyo’s headcount is set to increase from 800 to 1,300 this year. Its headquarters are in Boston, and this funding represents a major victory for the city’s enterprise ecosystem.

To measure the efficacy of the company’s email marketing efforts, Klaviyo has gathered email marketing metrics from over 100K paying customers. These metrics are some of the most accurate and reliable in the industry, and they are compared against Klaviyo’s benchmarks. For example, Facebook’s conversion tracking and ads lost major efficacy in 2021 after the iOS 14.5 update.

Customer experience

Customers are the lifeblood of a business and Klaviyo provides a powerful platform for creating an exceptional experience. The powerful software listens to and interprets cues from customers, translating them into meaningful messages. Its customer experience analytics help ecommerce stores increase ROI by 67 times! Klaviyo helps businesses grow faster by creating amazing customer experiences. Read on to find out how Klaviyo can improve your business’s customer experience!

One of Klaviyo’s unique features is its ability to segment audiences by behavior. Its customer personas are created through a combination of data collected on customers and from integrations. This data includes customer activity, spending habits, and purchase history. Through these customer profiles, you can create customized messages based on what your customers are interested in. By using this technology, you’ll be able to target your audience and increase sales by making personalized messages that meet their needs.

The robust marketing automation capabilities of Klaviyo allow for powerful email marketing. It uses dynamic syncing, which matches social media segments to in-app segments. Using Klaviyo’s data, marketers can build custom dashboards that track important metrics. Users can also automate their customer journeys through A/B testing. The tool also features social advertising and social media analytics, allowing marketers to reach out to prospective customers on a more personal level.

If you’re thinking about launching a new campaign, Klaviyo’s signup form is an ideal tool. The platform’s flexible signup form means you won’t have to worry about compatibility with third-party apps, and you’ll be able to create unique experiences for customers with Klaviyo. In addition to creating customized customer experiences, this data will help you design new programs and campaigns.


The pricing for Klaviyo Marketing Services varies according to the number of contacts and the messages sent each month. There are three levels of pricing available – Email only, Email & SMS, and Custom pricing. For those who only have a few hundred active profiles, Klaviyo offers a free plan. The free plan lets you test the platform tools before committing to a paid plan. After you’ve tested the platform, you can determine the price that works best for you.
While most email marketing services charge by the number of contacts, Klaviyo’s pricing is based on active profiles, not suppressed profiles. Because this is the case, it means that you will only pay for subscribers who double-opt-in and pay attention to your communications. Because of this, Klaviyo is among the most affordable email marketing tools available. While this approach may seem like a bit pricey, it’s worth it in the long run.

The pricing for Klaviyo’s marketing services depends on the number of contacts in your database, and it offers a free trial to new customers. There are three different pricing plans to choose from – Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. In addition to unlimited email contacts and SMS messages, each plan includes A/B testing, templates, reporting tools, and unlimited SMS contacts. If you’re an established business, Klaviyo is worth the investment.



The Klaviyo platform includes a comprehensive email marketing dashboard. Users can also view information on their total store revenue generated by automated email workflows and campaigns. The platform also includes powerful segmentation tools to help marketers tailor their emails to specific customer profiles. For example, you can use Klaviyo’s Dynamic Product Feed to customize your store’s look and feel. Klaviyo will constantly update this information.

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