Amazon Ecommerce Marketplace – Tips for Sellers

Amazon is the biggest internet retailer all over the world, something that has provided third-party sellers a remarkable opportunity as well as a platform to attain success. From past twenty years, Amazon continues to grow in terms of popularity, the seller as well as the customer base. It was recently stated by Web Retailer that  4 times as many people make a million in sales on Amazon compared to eBay. The expenditure of the site is $88,000 per minute and considering all these reasons, we have brought you some tips that can help you to boost your sales through Amazon Marketplace.

1. Get Reviews

Having reviews on your products can immensely benefit your ecommerce business. It has been stated by 88% of consumers that they find online reviews as credible an individual recommendation. Also, Amazon emphasizes on the performance of the seller while ranking their products in the top listings.

It is also very helpful to have reviews that include product pictures or videos because customers can know how other buyers felt after using your product. However, many of the buyers on Amazon do not write a feedback. In order to solve this problem, there are certain programs that can assist you in boosting the amount of feedback posted by users. You can also contact sellers directly to write reviews, a recommended for the time while rolling out a new item.

2. Improve Your SEO

While ranking a product, Amazon not just takes seller rating and price into consideration but also pays an attention to the keywords. The limit of characters provided for the product is 500 and in order to make sure that your product is visible in the search results, it is highly recommended to incorporate as many keywords as possible. Amazon also emphasizes on adding a brand, description, product line, size, material, color and quantity in it. You can also use the Amazon Keyword Tool that utilizes Amazon’s Autocomplete service to locate famous long tail keywords providing a ranking of 1-10.

3. Source the Best Products

Being a seller, it becomes essential for you to get the best and appropriate products to stock and sell. It is a very important step that can pave your path to success. Make sure that you do a thorough research about the products that you are going to source for your ecommerce store. You can do so by tracking the sales, cost and performance of these products over a period. Also, while researching, take into consideration the customer reviews and ratings that these products have. Combine all this information and then start sourcing for the best products.

4. Get Advertising

Amazon sponsored products are highly recommended for businesses who are starting out new and are seeking as much customers as possible. With its help, you can get your product displayed beneath the search results, on detail pages or in the right-side column. Amazon is working on the new features to make ads more visible.

5. Offer Discounts

Discounts play a vital role in not just converting highly motivated buyers but also establishing enduring relationships with the customers. You can also reach at #1 position for your product category if you provide deals and considerable discounts on a daily basis. And if this happens, you get the opportunity to feature on the home page of Amazon as they have categories such as “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” that are meant just for this. Having such a chance will provide you a huge amount of traffic. When the visitors come to you, they will also check out the related products displayed on the page.

6. Marketing Outside Amazon

Marketing outside Amazon is a great way to get brand recognition which can be done by writing articles and blogs. Make them informative and unique so that customers are aware about your brand and its offerings.

7. Stay Competitive and Win the Buy Box

Most of the sellers tend to not sell on Amazon as they wrongly believe it to be highly competitive. You should know that 55% of Amazon’s sellers have reported a profit margin of more than 20%.

Amazon has said that in order to win the buy box, pricing plays a role as important role as availability, customer experience and fulfillment do.

Make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind and watch your ecommerce store going ahead of its competitors!

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