Omnichannel advertising is a familiar term nowadays. You will get a better return on investment (ROI) if you advertise through numerous channels. But choosing the channels on which you should be spending your advertising budget is the tricky part.

  • 63% of people said they’d click on a Google ad. (Search Engine Land, 2019)
  • 49% of people said they click on text ads; 31 percent on Shopping ads; and 16 percent on video ads. (Search Engine Land, 2019)
  • 70% of millennials like it when they can click on a product from an ad. (Google)
  • 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads. (HubSpot)

Results are generated by almost all paid advertising channels like Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, AdWords. The advertising departments of companies claim of being super effective. However, it is possible that the channels that worked for you last year might not work anymore as the trends in advertising change quickly.

You need to keep yourself updated so that you don’t waste your advertising budget.  Below is the list of five paid advertising channels that will bring quality traffic to your website in 2019.

Pinterest Influencer Marketing

Many brands use Instagram influencers to drive their ROI. Instagram is a powerful advertising channel for influencer marketing. Many advertisers are also considering Pinterest as it is a platform that has influencers that reach millions of consumers daily.

Paula Coop McCrory is one of the most popular Pinterest influencers with over 4M followers and almost 750k people view her profile every month which amounts to millions of impressions per month.

Pinterest influencer marketing is not only a powerful advertising channel but it is easy to track your influencer marketing ROI on it. You can try your own analytics platform if you don’t want to rely on the analytics platform provided by Pinterest so that you can get an unbiased report of your campaigns.

Advanced Shopping Campaign Strategies

A powerful paid advertising channel in 2019 is product listing ads (aka shopping campaigns) as consumers generally start their shopping journeys from Google. Consumers use desktop or mobile to search Google for anything.

An advanced Shopping campaign strategy is needed so that Google promotes your products to its wide-reaching network. Your products will surface more in search results if you build a more sophisticated shopping campaign strategy.

You can use keywords and titles in your product descriptions that your target consumers search for. You can use high-res pictures, visuals, smartly implement bidding strategies for better revenue and add discounts to products listed on your shopping campaigns.

Implement these tips in your shopping campaign strategy and your chances of appearing in relevant product searches are more.

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