14 Tools That Reveal Why Potential Customers Abandon Your Website

The biggest problem that many websites are facing is that people who’re visiting are leaving and not returning or the ones that do visit, aren’t becoming subscribers or even consumers to that specific brand and product. It can be a daunting task to draw people in to your page and even more so when you’ve gone through all the work and effort to do so, but aren’t able to keep the crowd there as consumers or have them returning. If you’re unfamiliar with how to solve this problem or what’s caused it in the first place, then it’s time we have a little talk about it.

  1. Learn what prompted your visitors to find your specific page and how they go there.

Google has a great tool called Google Analytics which is a great piece of software and a must have in our book. By using this program, it can tell you how your visitors landed on your page, what links prompted them there which can help determine if it was just a fluke or they were looking for something you have and they wanted.

  1. Hotjar – Heatmaps and Visitor recordings

I really love this one because it’s actually pretty neat. While Google Analytics might show you what links were followed to get to you, Hotjar uses heat maps and and visitor recordings to show you where visitors specifically went on your page. Whether the item is a clickable link or not, as long as someone clicked on it, it’ll show which can help you to alter things that maybe might be worth creating a link in to so they can find what they’re looking for easier. It can let you see where people are clicking, how far down they went on a specific page and provide key information as to what parts of your page specifically is drawing the most attention.

  1. Click Tale

This site is pretty interesting for all the things it does. Ever wonder what people do when they visit your page? Well this is a great place to start, because it creates small videos showing you the browser session of those who are visiting your page, down to keystrokes and mouse clicks. While that might sound a bit disturbing, it does provide a great amount of insight.

  1. Olark

This allows you to communicate live with people who visit your page. There are a few different programs that are like this one, but it’s great because you can speak with clients and find out what they might need help with, what they’d like to see improvement on, and assist them in different areas. Many people don’t have access to a phone for financial reasons, or are in areas such as a public library where they can’t speak live vocally with someone. Olark allows communication without causing disruption, requiring a phone service, and makes people feel less pressured.

  1. Survey Monkey

This can kind of get an idea as to what both customers and non-customers do on a typical day. By allowing you to send out surveys you can ask specific questions such as “How likely are you to buy…” or “Rate the following statement as highly favorable, not highly favorable or neutral….” Which allows you to specifically target those who are interested or typically purchase things from your line of work.

  1. iPerceptions

Always wanted to know how your customers felt about their experience when it came to using your site and navigating around? Well iPerceptions does exactly that. By giving them a few questions to answer about their experience it gives you a way to be rated for the positive and allow feedback from any negative experiences they may have encountered.

  1. Qualaroo

Another survey tool, this one is a bit more specific as it can allow you to create your own questions, get emails when someone takes a survey and even target specific people who’re on the page.

  1. Usability tests

Recommended and created by Steve Krug, the test allows you to speak specifically to people who use your page and monitor how they were able to navigate, if they ran in to any trouble and what kind of errors they experience. By being able to chat with them one on one, allows you hear personal opinions and room for improvement.

  1. Ethnio

This is a great tool for creating a usability test. While most usability tests target customers who visit your page, this one allows you to target people who aren’t yet customers. You can create surveys and interview them to find out what you can do or change to convince them to become a customer of your product? This often comes in the form of a pop up ad that can be customized and give users an option of participating.

  1. Be your own tool

Nothing travels faster than word of mouth and by going out and about you can interact with the public, those who may already be customers and those who aren’t. You can ask them questions about what they like, don’t like, and really put yourself out there to draw in potential clients.


  1. Kampyle

This tool is a bit more discreet and sits at the bottom right hand corner of your page. Instead of bothering consumers with a pop up ad, this one allows them to specifically click on your page and answer a few questions that will leave you feedback with their experience.

  1. Google Site Search

This allows people to use the search engine while on your page. If they can’t find what they’re looking for it gives you the chance to add it while if it does, maybe they’re looking for more detail. It’s a tool that allows you to add more if not just the right amount of important information customers is looking for.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is great because despite being social media, it allows you to see what people are having to say about you, what experiences they have both good and bad and can praise you for something they really enjoyed. A great way to directly interact and connect with customers.

  1. Google Analytics Content Experiments

By using different features and gathering feedback you’ve found a way to fine tune your page and see what does and does not work. However, instead of making a hasty decision and hoping for the best, this tool allows you to use a split-screen and see what would happen if you changed one thing to another, a predictability tool and test all in one if you will.

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