10 Proven Online Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Companies

Ecommerce businesses must stay updated and aware of the latest online marketing technologies in order to boost their business online. With the advancement in technology and new marketing tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Apps, Google Shopping, promoting ad tools on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube & more, ecommerce marketing has become a challenge. Stay with us as we have summed up proven online marketing strategies in 10 steps only in order to make sure you stay ahead of your competition.


1. Upsell Your Products

Most of the times we come across some questions like, “May I interest you in this upgrade?” It’s a perfect example of upselling, or the idea of dealers to offer you a somewhat more costly item when you consider buying an item. And it actually works! As indicated by Econsultancy, upselling is 20 times more compelling than strategically pitching on the web. The two important method to upselling are: 1) Making your upsells identifiable with the first item, and 2) Being aware of the price range of your clients.

2. Pay-Per Click Advertising/Google AdWords

Often entrepreneurs hesitate while going for paid advertising as it requires a considerable amount of money. Be that as it may, paid advertising can be an incredible approach to boost sales. And once PPC is good to go up effectively, and you begin to generate enough amounts of revenue, then you can also think of increasing your advertisement spend to expand your income.

3. Reduce Abandoned Carts

Ecommerce businesses often lose out on potential orders as customers add things to their carts only to abandon them at the time of checkout.

“As per the Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re finished.”

However, it is possible to solve the problems that lead to cart abandonment and persuade the customers to finish their purchases. For instance, they can be offered a rebate or provided free shipping. An email recovery campaign is a swift and efficient method to lessen the cases of abandoned carts by convincing the customers to finish their purchase.

4. Capture More Email Subscribers

Email is an extraordinary marketing tool compared to other channels available to you. It directs people to your store, supplements content advertising, and outflanks both Twitter and Facebook for producing deals. As indicated by late research and studies, Email promoting works like;

  • Email has an ROI of around 4,300% (as per the Direct Marketing Association)
  • 80% of individuals say they get advertising emails along with their other messages daily.
  • 70% of individuals make utilization of coupons or rebates they find out about from email.
  • 60% of individuals say that accepting unique offers is the best reason they subscribe to an email list from an ecommerce.

 5. Affiliate Marketing Can also Help You to Sell Your Products & Services

Affiliate Marketing is when you let other individuals showcase your items in return for a percentage of sales that you produce because of their endeavors. It depends on having the capacity to track the source of a specific deal. You ordinarily give a special URL that affiliate marketers can use to publicize your items.

A blogger, for instance, would then post this URL on their site with an article about your organization. At the point when a client clicks on that URL, they’ll be taken to your site and if they buy something, the affiliate tracking software will credit that deal to the blogger.

6. Send Out Wishlist Reminder Emails to Maintain Awareness

The Wishlist Reminder Email is something that businesses must think about. It is firmly identified with its cousin, the Abandoned Cart Email. Both should persuade you to make the last leap in buying the item that you wanted to purchase. Convey an email to tell your client about the product they left in wishlist or sold out items.

7. Create More Product Reviews to Enhance Credibility

As per the online magazine Internet Retailer, you can boost your ecommerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. Product reviews help in social verification because product reviews are a type of tributes. Customers see quickly what individuals are saying in regards to an item that customers are thinking about buying. It also enhances the credibility and trust factor.

8. Make It Easy For Your Customers to Get What They Want (UI, UX, Mobile Friendly Responsive)

In case your ecommerce store isn’t planned rightly, then you’re automatically losing clients.  Apart from looking deceitful, your store could be experiencing confusing layout and hard navigation. Ensure your store is mobile friendly & highly responsive and has an amazing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). You can improve your store through various methods such as rightly segment the products, avoid putting a lot of products on a single page and find out the correct nuance amidst theme, text, and visuals.

Mobile-Accessible Services such as real-time notifications, delivery status, maps, click-to-call, and product information also play an important role in customer satisfaction.

9. Social Media Can Have a Big Impact on Your Sales Figures

If you are able to handle the social media in a right way, it can affect your business figures in a huge manner. Normally the visual ones, as Instagram and Pinterest, work best for ecommerce. Yet, Twitter and Facebook are likewise essential.

10. Improve Your Ad Spending to Reach Target Audience

It is essential to constantly bring out new changes in the selected keywords so that you are able to locate a suitable niche. Ecommerce companies can also get the advantage of retargeting by bringing back bounced traffic and online shoppers who have discarded their carts. B2B companies are able to achieve their goals more effectively with retargeting because it enables them to stay in front of their leads.  You can also go for advertising on Facebook, Amazon & Google Shopping. But most of all, understand which channel of advertising works the best for you.

Make sure to implement each one of the above-mentioned strategies and witness the growth of your ecommerce business.

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