Affiliate Marketing Management

affiliate-marketing-managementPROS has delivered Affiliate Marketing solutions since 1999 with Commission Junction (CJ), PepperJam, Amazon, Ebay, Share-a-Sale, Linkshare and many others. We have handled advertiser campaigns from conception to maturity. We have developed new affiliate programs that have generated millions in revenue for many major brands including Nike, Intuit – Turbotax, Best Buy, Skin Care Brands, Health & Beauty Companies, Big Box Retailers, Ticket Brokers and Online Dating Services.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing’s greatest advantage is that it’s a low-risk, pay-for-performance marketing strategy.
  • This is a strategy that skyrocketed with platforms like Dropbox, Uber, Carbonite, Mozy, and many other SaaS companies where users were given credits when their friends signed up.
  • Paying a commission to a set of affiliates to independently advertise your brand is sometimes overlooked in the slew of online marketing opportunities. But for those in the know, Affiliate Marketing, with its unique set of advantages, is an essential part of an effective online marketing strategy.

Why Choose PROS for Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing Company

Affiliate Marketing Company Consultants

    • Launch Affiliate Program on a major network on your own in-house network
    • Manage affiliate program
    • Optimize top affiliates/resellers
    • Establish marketing alliances
    • Implement and design creatives
    • Establish base of top affiliates
    • Reach out to list of top affiliates

Our Affiliate Program Management  is a complete customized White Label solution for your company.
We not only set up your Affiliate Marketing program, but optimize it for success to ensure maximum performance for you and your publishers. Most times, Affiliate Program Management can be at a minimal cost to you while you gain valuable revenues from publishers.

 Please contact us for Affiliate Program Management consulting or call 619-567-9322